Chris Sarandon has been happily married to his spouse, Joanna Gleason, for over three decades.

They met on the set of the Broadway musical Nick and Nora in 1994 and fell in love after spending a lot of time together.

Four years later, they returned to the stage in Thorn and Bloom, and since then, they have worked together in several movies such as Road Ends, Edie & Pen, Let the Devil Wear Black, and American Perfekt.

The duo was married on July 22, 1994, and it was the third marriage for both of them. 

Joanna was first married to acting instructor Paul G. Gleason in 1975. They filed for divorce seven years later, and two years after the divorce, she married Michael Bennahum in 1984.

However, after six years of marriage, the couple divorced in 1990. 

But what about Chris’ failed marriages before he met Joanna? Here is everything we know about the actor’s first and second spouse. 

Chris Sarandon and His First Spouse Susan Sarandon

Chris was first married to actress Susan Sarandon, who was known as Susan Tomalin, in September 1967.

They were married for 12 years before they divorced in 1979. Susan kept her spouse’s last name as her stage name.

During her appearance on the Divorced, Not Dead podcast in March 2021, she opened up about her past relationship with the men she had been with, including Chris.

Susan was 17 when she met Chris at the Catholic University of America.

Chris Sarandon's first spouse Susan Sarandon

Chris Sarandon's first spouse Susan Sarandon. (Source: Instagram)

“We kind of eventually dated. Eventually, my first sexual experience. I was so grateful. I decided to get married, and only because we would’ve gotten kicked out of school. So, we agreed that we would decide every year whether or not to renew,” the Oscar winner told host Caroline Stanbury.

But after seven years of marriage, Susan said they decided to “move on mutually” and explained few people could stay married for a lifetime to the first person they sleep with.

She added she never wanted to get married the first time and was never interested in the idea of marriage. 

The Thelma & Louise star explained it had to do with the fear of losing one’s identity that often happened with couples. 

What Is Chris Sarandon Doing Today?

After divorcing Susan, Chris tied the knot with his second spouse and fashion model Lisa Ann Cooper in 1980. 

They lived a happily married life for nine years and had three children: Stephanie Sarandon, Michael Sarandon, and Alexis Sarandon.

Unfortunately, Chris and his spouse were not meant to be, and they called it quits in 1989. 

There isn’t any information about Sarandon’s second wife and children. 

As for the actor, he is currently 80 years old, and while he is not as active in the industry as he used to be, he is working even today.

His latest project was the TV horror series Chucky, which premiered on October 12, 2021. Chris starred as Detective Mike Norris in the series and will soon return for season 2.