Chris Olsen and Ian Paget have left their fans heartbroken after announcing their breakup. 

The two had become an "it couple" on TikTok, and many people looked up at them. Their fans and followers idolized them, and their relationship was dubbed as "goals."

But the pressure of being and portraying a perfect couple got to them. As a result, they could not handle it and parted ways. 

Chris Olsen and Ian Paget's Breakup 

Before the pair made a YouTube video explaining their breakup, they had announced it on their respective TikToks — @chris and @ianpaget_.

But even before that, a few fans had speculated their split. 

The duo started dating in 2019, and initially, they had a long-distance relationship.

They got together after two months of dating. And living together during the COVID-19 pandemic solidified their relationship.

Chris Olsen and Ian Paget posing for a picture.

Chris Olsen and Ian Paget posing for a picture. (Source: Instagram)

In September 2021, the couple celebrated their second anniversary. But shortly after that, they started making separate red carpet appearances. 

Similarly, they posted less about each other online. Soon, people started suspecting something was wrong. 

Their inspection was confirmed when Olsen posted a video on TikTok with Paget, revealing that the two had broken up.

Bobbing their heads to 'Drilla Freestyle Opps,' Olsen wrote, "When you break up but are still best friends."

In the video's caption, he wrote, "Not an end, just a shift! We love u forever." Fans were devastated, and many took to Twitter to pour their feelings about the pair's breakup.

As a result, the hashtag #ChrisandIan was trending on Twitter. On January 8, 2022, the couple gave a statement to E! News, explaining their split.  

Paget said they had a difficult time for the past couple of weeks, but they would always be best friends.

He pointed out that they were not boyfriends anymore, but excited to explore their new relationship. 

Olsen gushed he would "always have so much love" for Paget and would "always be connected in a beautiful way."

While they had a wonderful time together, Olsen said they were taking time apart to "grow as individuals."

The Dreaded YouTube Video

Even though the pair had already announced their breakup publicly, they took to their YouTube Channel, Chris and Ian, to address it.

For this, they uploaded a video titled 'WE BROKE UP' on January 11, 2022. 

Paget explained that being the "it couple" had an adverse effect on their relationship. For most of their relationship, they had been in the public eye. 

Because of this, the pair felt pressured, and it was extremely complex for the pair to move forward. Therefore, they decided it was best to part ways romantically and just be friends.

Chris Olsen and Ian Paget on Halloween 2021.

Chris Olsen and Ian Paget on Halloween 2021. (Source: Instagram)

Paget assured the couple was okay with their decision, and they wanted their fans to be as well.

He noted that just because they were not involved romantically did not mean they could not have a "deep connection."

Olsen explained the duo was together for only seven months when they started TikTok. Soon, they were thrown into the limelight — something that was not intended. 

They did not know each other well enough at the time, and being dubbed the "perfect couple" took a toll on them. They understood that nobody planned to pressurize them, but they felt it. 

The two were positive that even though their romantic relationship ended, they would still be friends.

They maintained they would support each other in the future and be in each other's life.