Cheaters is a syndicated show that millions of viewers have watched for over two decades since it first aired in October 2000. The show is based on a simple premise. 

If you suspect your partner has been unfaithful in the relationship, you can reach out to the show on its website. Should the show decide to accept your case, they will then dispatch a surveillance crew. 

The crew, armed with cameras and private detectives, would then follow the accused for days and sometimes weeks until they find incriminating evidence against the accused party. 

Once you have your hands on the evidence that the show's detectives found, you would have the option of confronting the unfaithful partner. 

Of course, the entire process would be filmed to be later aired for millions of other viewers to watch for entertainment. 

Although the show begins with a notice that reads:

From 'Cheaters's surveillance cameras, you are about to view actual true stories, filmed live, documenting the pain of a spouse or lover caused by infidelity.

The notice then claimed that the intent behind this coverage was to encourage the "renewal of temperance and virtue" in the couples watching the show. 

Still, over the years, many have questioned, 

Is Cheaters Scripted?

An exclusive report put together by Inside Edition in 2009 revealed that the show Cheaters was heavily scripted.

In fact, many of the alleged partners and cheaters were actually paid up to 500 dollars to act as if they were cheating on their partners or broken upon knowing that their partner was cheating. 

Some former case subjects went so far as to claim that they didn't even know the people they were acting out scenes with beforehand. 

Kerry Wyatt, a former "cheater" caught on the show, told the outlet that she was paid 500 dollars when she was a 19-year-old to pretend that she was having an affair with a man outside of her engagement. 

Wyatt explicitly said that she had never been engaged in real life. 

She also confirmed that she had never met her on-screen fiancé or boyfriend before the day they started shooting. 

Was Joey Greco Stabbed?

The outlet even brought up one of the most tragic yet memorable moments in the show's history — the show host Joey Greco getting stabbed by an angry partner. 

The show had made it look like a confrontation had gone sour, and in the altercation that ensued, the show host was stabbed in the stomach. 

The showrunners supposedly called 911, and the host received attention from the paramedics, and the one who stabbed him got arrested. 

That being said, when the local authorities were asked to shed some light on the matter, they revealed that no such incident had occurred on the day that the show's producers claimed. 

What's worse, when the Cheaters' executive producer Bobby Goldstein was asked which hospital the show's host was taken to when he was stabbed, Goldstein couldn't come up with an answer. 

Even then, the producer remained adamant that the show was not at all scripted and that the events were being captured live, as it was taking place in real life.