As celebrities age in Hollywood, fans seem to notice that they look very different from what they used to. The transformations lead to plastic surgery rumors, and as much as stars deny them, their words fall on deaf ears. 

One such actor that has been the target for many years is Catherine Zeta-Jones. Zeta-Jones has been in the industry for decades, and her fans and the media claim she no longer looks like herself. 

The rumor of her going under the knife peaked in 2017 when she arrived at London’s FIFA Awards looking like a completely different person. 

The Wednesday star has been accused of having procedures, including a nose job, boob job, and Botox injections, but she has never admitted having them.

Catherine Zeta-Jones's Plastic Surgery Rumors

RadarOnline spoke to several of the world’s leading plastic surgeons to get an insight into what the actress could have possibly gotten done.

America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon, Anthony Youn, opined that Zeta-Jones no longer looked like her older self and was certain it had something to do with plastic surgery. 

According to the surgeon, the actress could have gotten Botox on her forehead to smooth the lines. He mentioned she had fillers in her cheeks because they appeared fuller, and she got a lower facelift and fillers on her lips to plump them up. 

Catherine Zeta Jones is speculated to have undergone plastic surgery.

Catherine Zeta-Jones when she was younger. (Source: Instagram)

Dr. Zara Harutyunyan of L.A.’s Cosmetic Rejuvenation also gave her opinions. 

“She may have had a lower facelift with fat transfer or derma fillers. Her face seems like it has been augmented and also seems fuller. As we age, we lose volume in our face, but it looks like all that volume was added back into her face, plus even more that she used to have,” said Dr. Harutyunyan. 

And she agreed with Dr. Youn on Zeta-Jones' Botox, explaining that the actress had no fine lines around her eyes and forehead. 

A third opinion from triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Adam Schaffner suggested the rumors might be true as he stated that the actress had gotten plastic surgery. 

Dr. Schaffner, who has also not worked on Zeta-Jones, agreed with his colleagues and said Zeta-Jones may have had “facial surgery, BOTOX, injectable fillers and/or skin treatments.”

Zeta-Jones Won't Rule out Plastic Surgery in Future

When asked about the secret of her timeless beauty during an interview with Hello in 2016, the Tony Award winner credited “argan oil and water.”

“I’ve been using some argan oil just to saturate my skin at night, so it has some nourishment as I sleep to start the day a little more hydrated,” said the actress. 

Zeta-Jones added that real hydration came from within, and she drank water as much as possible and avoided diet sodas.

She also follows a healthy diet and exercises to maintain her appearance and mental wellbeing.

In addition, the actress believed sweating every day benefitted the body, so she ran on her treadmill, power walked outside, or danced. 

As for getting plastic surgery, she said in another interview that she had never gotten them but would not rule it out in the future. Zeta-Jones explained she was not against cosmetic surgery and would get it if she felt like she needed it.