It has been decades since Catherine Zeta-Jones moved to the United States, but she has not yet forgotten her native home. And that might have to do with her parents, who still live in the United Kingdom.

Zeta-Jones was born in Swansea to working-class parents, father David James-Jones, and mother Patricia Fair. She grew up alongside an older and younger brother and had an idyllic childhood.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live (via Hola!)), the actress revealed her dad owned a candy factory, and her mother was a seamstress who taught her a thing or two about the craft.

Despite coming from a modest background, her parents sent the actress to dance and ballet lessons from a young age and enrolled her in a private school in Swansea.

In 1997, she sold her home in London and came to Hollywood after realizing her career was not going anywhere in the UK. She often flies back to her native home to visit her father and mother.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Reunited with Parents after COVID

The actress is undoubtedly close to her dad and mom. She often expresses her love and appreciation for them on social media. 

Catherine Zeta Jones reunited with her parents after COVID lockdown

Catherine Zeta-Jones reunited with her parents after the COVID lockdown. (Source: Instagram)

On July 25, 2021, Zeta-Jones took to Instagram and shared snaps of her enjoying her reunion with her mom and dad after the pandemic. 

The actress’ parents had traveled from Wales to Mallorca to spend the summers in Zeta-Jones’ mansion in the Balearic Islands. She looked over the moon as she beamed at the series of selfies

“Just loving being with my Mam and Dad after being apart for so long. They are just the best, they give me so much joy. I am blessed, truly blessed,” she wrote in the caption. 

 Fans were equally happy for the actress. “Beautiful family, you are truly blessed,” a follower wrote, while another added, “I see where you get your looks. They are very attractive. Enjoy your time with them.”

Before the lockdown, her parents had visited her in New York and taken a trip to Brown University, where their grandchild, Dylan Michael Douglas, was studying.

Zeta-Jones shared a photo from their outing on her Instagram. They all wore matching Brown University sweatshirts, and the Hollywood star included the caption: “The Welsh clan goes back to school visiting @Dylan_Douglas.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Tributes to Her Mother and Father

In another post, the actress shared a tribute to her father for Father’s Day, June 20, 2021.

The actress uploaded a throwback photo of her and her father and two kids taken on the Welsh coast. She wished for her dad and expressed her love and gratitude. 

Similarly, on March 27, 2022, during Mother’s Day in the UK, the actress wished her mother. She gave a rare glimpse of her childhood with a blurry, sepia-toned photograph featuring her and her mother. 

The actress appeared to be around five years old. She shared the photo next to a modern-day picture of the two in a similar pose.

There are many other tributes that Zeta-Jones has shared for her parents, which show how important they are to her.