Carmen and Corey Pritchett have come a long way since starting their YouTube journey back in 2018. As of now, they boast a massive following north of four million.

With such an enormous reach on the popular platform, it is understandable that fans were excited when the couple announced that they were pregnant with their second baby. But, it turns out, they had been keeping the news to themselves for 16 weeks as of this writing. 

Carmen and Corey Are 16 Weeks Pregnant

Just recently, Carmen took to her Instagram to break the news to the world. She put up two pictures of herself covered in glittering gold body paint while proudly showcasing her baby bump.


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Although longtime fans had been speculating the pregnancy for a while now, they were still pleasantly surprised to find out that she was already 16 weeks in. 

The first picture saw the YouTuber gently holding on to her pregnant belly as she beamed a beautiful smile for the camera. In the second frame, she was laid back, propping herself up on one hand while the other comfortably rested on her knee. 

The celebrity couple had planned to make the big reveal on Carmen's birthday who just turned 23. 

She shared that it was the perfect day for the perfect picture before wishing herself a happy birthday. This post was followed by another where she, her husband, and their firstborn son were featured.

Carmen and Corey Will Reveal the Baby's Gender Soon

The second post saw the soon-to-be mother of two with her doting husband, both dressed in white shirts. Carrying the theme forward, their toddler appeared in the second picture dressed in white. 


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The announcements over on Instagram were followed by a YouTube video where the couple formally let the world know that they were pregnant. They also revealed that it was Carmen's idea to hold back the joyous news until her birthday. 

Clearing the air further, they addressed their absence from both their primary channel and family channel on YouTube, suggesting that they steered clear of cameras to keep the pregnancy private.

Anyways, jumping back to the present time, Corey revealed that the couple just recently got the gender results from their healthcare professionals. However, they were in the dark regarding the baby's gender. 

This brings us to another good news, the couple will be having their gender reveal party which will ultimately end up in one of their YouTube videos so that the fans can have a front-row seat to the special moment. 

Carmen and Corey Revealed the Baby's Conception

Further along in the video, they even narrated the story of the night that they conceived the baby. Long story short, the baby's conception began in a Lamborghini and despite their feelings, they managed to make it home. We'll let the couple map out the details for you. Here check out this video:

Sadly, this is the second time that the couple announced that they were pregnant just this year. Back in February, on Valentine's Day, Carmen came out with a vlog where she announced that she was pregnant and that she hadn't broken the news to Cody yet. 

Unfortunately, nearly a month after the reveal the couple came out with another vlog where they announced that they had a pregnancy loss.