In 2017, Cara Delevingne was asked about her understanding of sexual fluidity by her contemporary and close friend, Adwoa Aboah. The two were present at the New York-based The Bowery Hotel.

They talked about their old times and touched upon many intricate topics. Their conversation was recorded and reported by The Glamour

Aboah and Delevingne started their chat talking about their previous visit to the Burning Man, an annual event held in the United States, focused on community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance.

Delevingne's close friend Aboah then casually said how "a lot of our first times have been together."

In return, the English model joked if Aboah was talking about "the first time we had s**." "That's not real," responded Aboah and laughed casually afterward. 

"We haven't had sex," replied the British model and further questioned people's perspectives about themselves.

"What do people get wrong about you and me?" she asked Delevingne in her response. "Everything? Nothing. I don't know," Delevingne responded. 

Model Aboah then spoke about people referring to the two as "model best friends," and remarked themselves to be "friends" even before their involvement in the fashion world. 

Aboah expressed her gratitude and commented on her friendship with Delevingne as she said,

What I’ve always been grateful for in our friendship is that we expect absolutely nothing from each other, just friendship.

Delevingne on Sexual Fluidity

As the conversation progressed, Aboah posed Delevingne with the topic of sexual fluidity.

She asked the English model turned actress's opinion on the subject by presenting her with an example.

Aboah told Delevingne how once a fifteen-year-old seemingly expressed her confusion with her sexual identity.

Delevingne responded to her friend's argument and said that she is aware of the "13- and 15-year-old girls" who can't decide "if I like a boy or a girl yet."

The English model cited an example of her own and said she is "very happy" that sexuality has slowly become an "easier and freer to talk about" topic, mainly among the younger generation.

Delevingne on Being Dubbed a "Lesbian"

"What happened when you spoke out?" Aboah asked Delevingne to share her own experience regarding sexual fluidity.

Delevingne, who is currently twenty-nine-year-old publicly addressed her sexual preferences at the age of twenty-two.

She shared her experience of talking "about my sexual fluidity," and opened up regarding how people took her preference in a wrong way.

Delevingne recalled being noted for being a lesbian as they frequently asked her if she was "gay."

The model expressed her displeasure at people's way of talking about sensitive and personal matters without a level of intricacy.

Aboah revealed how during Fashion Week, many young women prefer to practice sexual fluidity and maintain same-sex relationships among them.

In her recollection, she said,

I’m surrounded by the most beautiful women. They’re not gay; they’re not straight. But people would be like, Oh, she’s a lesbian now.

Model Delevingne then took a swipe at her straight friends and called their way of thinking to be "an old way."

Per Delevingne, her friends don't understand the concept of sexual fluidity and cast their doubts about her being a lesbian. 

The model told her counterpart how she wanted to exercise her sexual choices without being "pigeonholed."