The New Year ushers in new beginnings, but unfortunately for Carson King, he started the year terribly.

The YouTuber and popular Twitch gamer, better known as CallMeCarson was accused of having inappropriate conversations with minors and was also accused of “grooming” one of his underaged fans.

Victims and Former Collaborators Come Forward

His first accuser, an 18-year-old female named Sam, came forward via a Twitter thread. Sam accused King of “grooming,” which is defined as “when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them.”

She claimed she was only 17 when she tweeted King, who was 19. King then began sending her private messages on Twitter and Discord. Sam also included screenshots of King’s message, which were inappropriate and suggestive.

After Sam’s accusations, another alleged victim with the Twitter handle “@Copiicatt” came forward and revealed in a tweet that she and King shared nude photographs on Snapchat when she was 17, and he was 20. 

Once the allegations became public, his former collaborators such as JOKO, Keemstar, and Charlie Dalgleish also exposed him with their own stories of King. 

So what happened to CallMeCarson?

Since the allegations, King went MIA from all his social media and has not publicly responded to the accusations against him. But after many months of staying silent, King has finally spoken. 

King Preparing for a Comeback

On June 20, King tweeted a six-word statement that has been liked over 163,000 times and retweeted over 23,000 times. Although it is unclear what he is referring to, the tweet suggests that he might respond to the allegations levied against him soon.

His tweet was met with a lot of negativity, with Twitteratis accusing him of pedophilia and called for him to be canceled.

This was his first public comment after an accidental tweet in May when he tweeted a picture of US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump and their polling figures from the September 2020 elections.

He deleted this tweet and followed up with a second tweet, “accidental tweet, carry on,” before deleting it.

But on August 13, he made his first official public appearance on Twitch streamer Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo’s stream. King did Mizkif’s YouTube introductions and later appeared in the stream, asking for directions to the bathroom.

King is also seen looking around Mizkif's room and shared that he really wanted to see his room. He then revealed that he watched all of Mizkif's video from a secret account and noted he genuinely loved all of Mizkif's streams. 

Audiences were surprised to see him return so soon, let alone in that manner. And, of course, they had mixed reactions about it. Some fans were excited to see him, while others reminded Twitterverse of the allegations against King. 

One user commented, “if you defend Carson or is glad he is back, please unfollow,” while another wrote, “Mizkif why r u mad about ppl saying u shouldn’t be harboring a groomer in ur house?”

It looks like King is testing the waters for his return.