At the beginning of last year, Carson King, a YouTuber and popular Twitch gamer who goes by the moniker, CallMeCarson, made headlines after facing grooming allegations

King was 21 at the time, with over 5 million YouTube subscribers and 1.4 million Twitch followers. 

He rose to fame for his comedic commentary and “Minecraft” and other streaming games. 

But his reputation took a hit when victims and former collaborators came forward and shared their stories involving the streamer. 

His first accuser was an 18-year-old female, Sam, who was only 17 years of age when she first contacted King. 

The YouTuber began sending inappropriate and suggestive messages to her privately on Discord and Twitter. 

Similarly, another victim with Twitter handle “@Copiicatt” came forward and revealed that they exchanged nudes while she was still a minor. 

Following the allegations, his former collaborators like JOKO, Slimecicle, Krinios called him out

They revealed different experiences with King regarding the allegations and expressed their disgust. 

After that, the YouTuber laid low, and it seemed everyone had forgotten about him until recently. 

CallMeCarson Talks about Dating on ‘The Iced Coffee Hour’

On March 20, CallMeCarson appeared on The Iced Coffee Hour podcast to talk about his career as a content creator. 

The YouTuber still lives with his parents, and while discussing his living situation, the YouTuber and the hosts talked about his dating life. 

He had not gotten his driver’s license and revealed he had been talking about getting it for six years. 

The hosts asked him what he did when he needed to go somewhere, to which King replied, “where?”

CallMeCarson on The Iced Coffee Hour

CallMeCarson talking about dating on The Iced Coffee Hour (Source: The Iced Coffee Hour/YouTube)

One of the hosts suggested a date, but King promptly replied he was not ready for it and said he would wait until 35. 

Host Jack Selby then asked him if he was on dating apps. King said he wasn’t, which prompted the host to ask him why. 

The other host Graham Stephan then iterated that the streamer did not need to be on dating apps because he did not need it.  

Def Noodles reshared this portion of the video on Instagram with the caption. 

The outlet noted the interviewers had not done their homework before the interview; otherwise, they would know why King didn’t want to date anymore. 

Fans React to CallMeCarson Dating Statements

Unfortunately, Stephan and Selby’s lack of awareness of King’s situation did not put The Iced Coffee Hour podcast in good light. 

Netizens left all kinds of comments, with many criticizing the hosts for inviting the streamer to the show. 

One user wrote, “why do they interview people like that?” while another commented, “Tell me you don’t know who you’re interviewing without telling me you don’t know who you’re interviewing.”

A third one chimed in with, “Why do these predators keep getting airtime?”

But some defended King, saying that one of the accusers had pestered King and insisted they talk and pestered him more when he didn’t want to talk anymore. 

Overall, everyone in the comment section agreed CallMeCarson needed to be removed from the internet. 

And so far, the hosts of The Iced Coffee Hour podcast have not responded to the netizens’ outrage.