Despite having a jam-packed schedule to accommodate his competitive swimming career, Caeleb Dressel makes it a priority to spend time with his beautiful wife, Meghan Dressel. 

In addition, the couple often gives fans a peek into their romantic life via social platforms. 

Caeleb and Meghan were high school sweethearts who tied the knot over Valentine's Day 2021 weekend in their home state of Florida.

Usually, people are often seen celebrating Valentine's day. However, for the two-time Olympic gold medalist and his wife, they would probably argue that the day prior, i.e., February 13, is more important. 

See the couple celebrating milestones of their relationship while flaunting it to the world via Instagram. 

Seven years strong

While the couple's three-year dating anniversary was not the first milestone they celebrated together, it happens to be the first one that they shared publicly with their fans.

Meghan took to her Instagram on August 21, 2016, to announce that the couple had been together for three years to the day. She admitted it had been a crazy ride up until that point in their relationship, but she couldn't wait to celebrate many more years together. 

The post also came with a heartwarming picture of Meghan pulling her beau in for a kiss. The brick walls on either side of the frame drew focus to the couple.

As Meghan tugged his suspenders to initiate things, the Olympic athlete radiated casual charm with both his hands tucked inside his trouser pockets. On the same day next year, the couple greeted their fans from the Bahamas.

Meghan uploaded a slideshow of snaps of the couple, spending quality time in the water as the caption celebrated four years of endless laughs, incredible adventure, and much love. 

Caeleb Popping the Question

After 2017, the couple toned down their anniversary celebrations, but that didn't mean the couple wasn't showcasing their romance for their online followers. 

Not long after their hiatus, Meghan shared that their relationship had reached an even more significant milestone.

On November 30, 2019, Meghan officially graduated from being the Olympic swimmer's girlfriend to becoming his finacée.

She was evidently at a loss for words when she shared the fantastic news with her fans. She could only think of one word to caption the photos she shared that day, "Forever."

The slideshow of four featured snaps of Caeleb on his knees, with the vast expanse of the sea stretching to the horizon as the backdrop.

Subsequent shots featured the lovers expressing excitement before eventually leaning in for a passionate kiss. 

Sharing A Home

Next up on the list of relationship milestones for the Dressel duo—becoming homeowners. 

On May 1, 2020, the couple put up pictures of themselves, beaming radiantly as they made another significant announcement. 

First, Caeleb had grown a mustache but the most important of all, the couple found themselves the perfect place to call home.

As Meghan disclosed in the captions, the lovebirds could not wait to have people over to celebrate, but sadly they had to wait for the global pandemic to subside. 

A Wedding on Valentine's Weekend

As for their most recent milestone, the couple exchanged their vows on February 13, 2021, and the new bride couldn't help but flaunt her husband to the world. 

The snap she shared on Instagram showed her clad in a beautiful deep-cut floral bridal gown.

Her veil swayed with the wind behind her as she held a beautiful bouquet. In the intimate photo, Meghan was lost in the kiss she shared with her husband.

Caeleb, on the other hand, looked amazing in a dapper black suit for the occasion, as his hand was wrapped firmly around his woman.

While this was the last milestone on this list, the couple will be celebrating eight years together in the coming months.