Brittany Snow and her husband, Tyler Stanaland's relationship has been, for the most part, low-key. The couple does not share much about their married life and romance.

However, their relationship became a big topic of discussion after Stanaland's near-intimate situation with Kayla Cardona, his co-star on Selling the OC, came out. There have been a few speculations on how she reacted to that and how their relationship has been going since.

And now, if rumors are to be believed, the couple is headed for divorce.

Brittany Snow and Husband Tyler Stanaland’s Divorce Rumors

The couple is reality TV stars (or at least he is). So, a few things about them are bound to get leaked here and there on the internet.

A potentially big detail about their marriage appeared on DeuxMoi on September 6, 2022. A blind item on the famous celebrity gossip page's Instagram stories suggested they might be at the end of their marriage.

In response to a question about whether Snow and Stanaland were divorced or separated, DeuxMoi posted a screengrab of an anonymous tip they received from someone who had been close to Snow.

"Overheard Brittany Snow saying that she and Tyler are divorcing," the submission read. "She said 'I'm too good for this b******t.'"

Apparently, she also admitted she had no idea of Stanaland's "behavior the entire time he was filming."

Brittany Snow and husband Tyler Stanaland's divorce rumors on DeuxMoi.

Brittany Snow and husband Tyler Stanaland's divorce rumors on DeuxMoi. (Photo: DeuxMoi/Instagram)

"She wished him good luck by was sad," the insider source ended their tip, asking DeuxMoi to keep them anonymous.

The behavior Snow was (most probably) referring to was Stanaland's activities with female cast members on Selling the OC, although the couple has refused to reveal anything regarding her first reaction to the reveals.

What Did Tyler Stanaland Do?

Snow first found out about her husband's activities on the show when she watched Selling the OC's first season. During the season, it was revealed he had close encounters with Cardona and Alex Hall.

With Cardona, it was not just one incident but a chain of events. According to her, she and Stanaland had been flirting back and forth for a while.

Then, once when she was drunk, she tried to kiss him. Both of them later revealed that nothing happened between the two as he backed off. She apologized to him on the show, and for his part, he admitted it was a "wild night" and the incident had made him feel uncomfortable.

He even felt like his time on the show with the group was "like summer camp" and that "It really felt like brother, sister vibes in most of our opinions. It never felt that way, but I can’t speak for her."

With Hall, it was one particular incident where she gave him a "nosey" — put her mouth over his nose and exhaled. Polly Brindle, another cast member, went skinny dipping, adding another layer to the whole story.

Snow and Stanaland decided to keep their personal and professional lives separate and not reveal much, way before he became an overnight star with the Netflix show's success. And they decided to do the same with this fiasco — keep her reaction out of the media.

The couple's time together began on Instagram after he reached out to her with a "really lame pickup line." The dad joke clearly worked as their romance progressed very quickly — they got engaged in February 2019 and got married on March 14, 2020.