Brittany Renner hit back at one of the Fresh and Fit hosts in recent a misogyny-related on-air bust-up.

She confronted Myron Gaines, who is receiving backlash from the online community for seemingly insulting her "off-camera," calling Renner a girl he warns guys about.

The furious Instagram model touched up the topic while the podcast was being recorded and asked Gaines to tell her about girls like her.

"So now that we're face-to-face, what kind of girl am I?" Renner questioned the host.

In his quick response, Gaines told her she was not special, instead, she was like "other girls" who operate like a lot of other women.

After listening to what he had to say, Renner strongly asked Gaines what he would gain from telling girls they weren't special.

"How does that make you feel? Renner questioned the host telling him he was forgettable and the show Fresh and Fit did not have any value to it.

Gaines, who did not waste a moment, replied with a lengthy answer.

He said, "It's a dance between the two genders: men are trying to get [expletive], and women are trying to get resources, time, attention and whatever it is."

Fans React to Brittany Renner's Fresh and Fit Viral Video

The clip of the altercation went viral in no time after it was uploaded on multiple social media platforms by YouTuber DJ Akademiks.

"Its not even 8am I've found myself agreeing with Brittany Renner," tweeted one social media user. At the same time, another wrote how he wasn't a Renner fan, but her point was agreeable.

The user, in their writing, called out the hosts, calling them "two nerds" who had their struggles with women in their life, degrading the image of females on their platform for mere entertainment.

Instagram model Brittany Renner who called out Fit and Fresh podcast's host for misogyny.

Brittany Renner reacted to podcast host Myron Gaines's act of misogyny. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Another Twitterati wrote how watching Renner going shoulder to shoulder with the host made their workout.

Likewise, a YouTube user said they admire her for being able to stand her ground. Likewise, another noted Gaines to have mastered the art of missing the point.

The Hosts of 'Fresh and Fit' Have a History of Misogyny

The podcast hosts Gaines and Walter Weekes have a history of disrespecting African-American women.

On January 5, 2022, a clip of the duo talking about how they did not prefer to date Black women surfaced on the internet.

In the said clip, Gaines was seen saying, "if you wanna date a bunch of [expletive], go for it" while speaking about the dating app BLK designed for singles belonging to the Black community.


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"Me and Fresh [Weekes] aren't really down with the brown like that, being night riders. Fresh [Weekers] don't dabble in the dark if you know what I mean," Gaines continued his seemingly diminutive speech.

Following the viral clip, many online users have asked to cancel the show's hosts for their portrayal of African-American women.

The clip in question surfaced after the hosts had an altercation with rapper Asian Doll on their Fresh and Fit podcast.

On January 20, 2022, in Flagrant 2 video's titled 'Fresh & Fit Expose Their Views on Women', the hosts addressed their viral clip.

Gaines touched up the widely circulated video saying they were just making jokes, but, unfortunately, people "paint their narrative" by putting together a "20-30 seconds" clip, making them look racist.