General Hospital is one of the oldest soap opera shows in America, boasting a 57-year-old long run in the industry. In 2018, Briana Nicole Henry stepped into the role of Jordan Ashford, initially played by Vinessa Antoine.  

Henry was a fan favorite and even garnered a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

In the series, Henry’s Jordan is an undercover agent working for the DEA. Much of the series also chronicles Jordan’s love triangle between her and her husband, Thomas Ashford, and their childhood friend Shawn Butler who later becomes Jordan’s boyfriend. 

However, in reality, Henry’s love life is far more stable, and she is definitely not in any love triangle. 

Briana Nicole Henry’s Wedding

Henry and her renowned composer husband, Kris Bowers, met on Bumble. While speaking to Vogue about her backyard wedding, the actress revealed that she found him cute and thought his bio was humorous. After some cajoling from her friends, she went on a date with Bowers. 

Meanwhile, Bowers had just moved to L.A. to do more film scoring, and Henry was his first Bumble date. The composer revealed that he fell hard and fast for Henry, especially after she took off her jacket and gave it to a homeless man sleeping on the street. 

The couple tied the knot last year on June 6 after dating for over 3 years. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the backyard of Bower’s studio after they had to cancel their original wedding plans.

They had wanted to marry at the Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel, where Henry would wear Vera Wang among the redwood trees. But according to their wedding planners, they had to either push their wedding date to December or get married next year because of the pandemic.

Henry, who had been engaged for a year, did not want to wait any longer. So she and her best friend, and her partner spruced up the backyard with DIY decors and plants. 

We all had been waiting for this moment for so long. And since we hadn’t been around other people because of COVID-19, it made it incredibly special to be sharing space with so many people we loved.

Briana Nicole Henry’s Husband

Many people might not be familiar with Bower but they are definitely familiar with his sound. One of his recent works includes Netflix hit series Bridgerton. Bowers had the responsibility of soundtracking the series that takes place centuries ago, and the composer admitted that it was challenging to come up with the right sound.

He initially experimented with traditional classical music and remixed hip-hop tracks but realized something was not quite right. Eventually, he found the sound by incorporating traditional instruments and orchestral scores that interlocked perfectly with string quartets. 

His other works include Muse for Kobe Bryant, the Justin Simien series Dear White People on Netflix, the Oscar-winning film Green Book and Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us