Brian Eno has had a multi-faceted career. He is a singer, songwriter, professor, curator, artist, theorist, diarist, and fund-raiser, among many things. 

The musician joined the fledgling band Roxy Music as keyboardist and technical adviser in 1971, but two years later, he left and launched a solo career.

Eno was passionate about arts and music, and after much experimentation, he invented a new genre called ambient music, which involved creating subtle instrumentals to affect one's mood through sound. 

He helped define and reinvent the sound of some of the most popular bands of the 80s and '90s, such as David Bowie and Talking Heads. 

Naturally, fans are curious about the revered musician's personal life, so here is everything we know. 

Is Brian Eno Married with a Wife?

For the unversed, Eno has been married twice. At 17 years old, he dated his first wife, Sarah Grenville. 

According to The Independent, his mother-in-law was an extremely intelligent woman he respected.

She was doubtful of his career aspirations and asked him why someone as intelligent as him wanted to be an artist. 

But that question always motivated him and became the "foundation of his intellectual life."

And as much as the question offended him, he did not resent her for it, and in March 1967, aged 18, he married her daughter. 

Brian Eno celebrating Earth Day

Brian Eno celebrating Earth Day. (Source: Brian Eno/Instagram)

Eno and his former wife welcomed their daughter, Hannah, in July 1967. 

Unfortunately, the marriage ended, but his friendship with his mother-in-law survived, and she was one of Eno's oldest friends.

After the divorce, the producer was single for the longest time until he met his second and current wife, Anthea Norman-Taylor.

In January 1988, he tied the knot with his wife, and they welcomed their daughters, Irial and Darla, eighteen months apart. 

"We often refer to ourselves as Wide Angle and Zoom. I'm Zoom - good at intense concentration on something until I get somewhere with it. She's Wide Angle - able to keep many different things in the picture and adjust the balance between them," said Eno of his marriage to his wife. 

Brian Eno Talks about His Daughters

Eno prefers to keep his personal life away from the limelight as a private person, but he has opened up about his daughters on rare occasions. 

In his 1996 published diary, A Year with Swollen Appendices, he shared touching recounts of his family dancing to doo-wop records.

He derives a good deal of inspiration from his daughters, whom he proudly confessed to naming. 

There is not much information on what his daughters are up to now, but in 2018, during an interview with Celebrity Access, he shared that his daughter Irial was a medical student. 

During her final year, she wanted to work in an Arab hospital in Jerusalem. 

Everything had been finalized, from receiving permission from her university and the Israeli government to the paperwork, but they found out she was chairperson of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign during her interview.

Unfortunately, they canceled everything, and she was banned from the country for ten years instead.