Brandon Hantz became a household name after he signed up for the reality TV show Survivor: South Pacific. Longtime fans of the show might recall, the Hantz name is not unheard of in Survivor history. 

Yes, Brandon is the nephew of the notorious Survivor veteran Russel Hantz. Suffice to say, Brandon maintained the notoriety of the Hantz name and was voted out of the show on a unanimous verdict. 

Since his exit from the reality show, a lot has gone down in Brandon's life, both professional and personal. 

Brandon Hantz Got Divorced From Wife Right After 'Survivor'

Brandon got divorced from his wife, with whom he has two children, right after he stepped out of the show. 

The reality star has not made an official statement regarding the circumstances under which he and his wife had to take such drastic steps. However, there is a dotted line that one may be able to connect. 

While filming the show, Brandon had developed an attraction to co-star Mikalya. Even though Mikaya had not given any hints that the feelings were reciprocated, Brandon went ahead and blamed her for his feelings. 

In retrospect, during an interview with SB Nation, Brandon called his time on the acclaimed reality show a "bad memory."

Where Is Brandon Hantz Now?

Despite things being less than okay with his wife, Brandon wanted to stay close to his children. So, he moved from Texas to North Carolina, where his wife and kids lived.

He also got a job as a welder near Charlotte. Around the same time, he started going to Legends and Bandolero races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in his spare time. 

One thing led to another, and Brandon made an acquaintance with someone working for Racing Electronics. She told him all about NASCAR's life on the road, and he was hooked. 

I said, ‘Hey, do you think I could come?' I wasn't really thinking it was going to happen. She said, ‘Yeah, lemme talk to my boss.' And within 24 hours, I was in a van headed to Daytona.

And just like that, Brandon, who was once an infamous reality TV star, made a career switch that no one could have foreseen. 

Brandon Hantz joined NASCAR's traveling team as a sales representative for Racing Electronics.