Possessing one of the best-chiseled bodies with peak human physicality out there, Bradley Martyn is a fitness guru, physique competitor, and social media icon with a religious following. He has been at the game for a long time, and now, he has amassed himself a fitness empire. 

He is the owner of the gym, Zoo Culture, creator of Rawear, which retails fitness and lifestyle apparel, as well as the initiator of Origin Supplements. 

With that, many probably know him from his influential YouTube channel of his own name. He is loved for vlogging about his fitness, challenges, recommendations, and personal social circle. 

And this is where the most curiosity and speculation comes in — people want to know who he has in his life as his girlfriend. 

Many people have their theories, and many more have their own ideas about who Martyn is dating. 

Is Bradley Martyn Dating Anyone?

It is not uncommon for people to be curious about someone's dating life. Martyn is not an exception to this phenomenon. And things stirred up for him through a 2016 tweet. He had been rumored to have been getting cozy and Robin Gallant. 

For this, he had to announce on his Twitter that he doesn't even know her, let alone date her. His bachelor status was reconfirmed in November 2017, when he tweeted he wanted a girlfriend.

To spice things up, a month after the tweet, he came out with a video with Nikki Blackketter with the very leading title 'We Did What?' The video was more about them having done a podcast together.

However, they dropped a scent trail towards the same podcast by saying Martyn has dropped some hints on who he's dating. Many viewers in the comments, however, actually shipped for him and Blackketter.

Some months into June 2018, this mystery girlfriend seemed to have moved away from his life. In a video titled "She Helps Me With My Dating Profile!" he was seen optimizing his profile with his friend Lauren. 

Two months later, Martyn stirred the pot again with a tweet saying, "Dating Nikki Blackketter?" with a link to one of his videos.

The video has since been taken down and was probably one of his many clickbaity videos, but the comments did not fail to ship the two once again.

He pulled off the same stunt in May 2019 with Amanda Cerny, again with a deleted video. 

Is Noelle Leyva His Girlfriend?

Back in September this month, Martyn posted a picture with fitness influencer Noelle Leyva. The picture showed them posing in Disneyland.

While some may see the vibe between the two as platonic, many were quick to point out and speculate that they were an item. These ideas soon bloomed to be a rumor, which they swiftly addressed on October 20, 2021, on the podcast Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk.

In it, they explained they have nothing romantic going on between them. Instead, they have a more professional relationship where Leyva is a signed athlete to Rawear, and Martyn also looks over her brand management.

He attributed these reasons to why she also lives in his house. With all this being said, the man seems to be as single as one can be.