American model Amanda Cerny has been dating Austrian social media personality Johannes Bartl since 2017. Bartl took to his Instagram to show that his girlfriend had gifted him a Tesla Model Y as a Christmas gift. 

The Couple Posted Instagram Photos With The New Tesla

On January 1, 2021, Bartl uploaded two cute pictures of him, Cerny, and their dog Falco with a white Tesla Model Y in the background. In the photo, the model has cradled his face lovingly, kissing him on his cheeks. 

Bartl poured his feelings in the caption, calling the social media star a beautiful soul who left him speechless for an entire week with her gift.  

A week after Bartl expressed gratitude for the gift, Cerny also posted a series of photos and a video on her Instagram.

Along with the Tesla being a Christmas gift, she said that it was a “Welcome to the US of America” gift for him. The model expressed her love for Bartl and how proud she was of him. 

Cerny posted an emotional video of her boyfriend crying because he finally got his Green Card. Bartl, being an Austrian immigrant, had worked hard to receive the Green Card.

Upon seeing the struggles of the love of her life, Cerny appreciated all the hard-working immigrants in the USA. 

The actress joked she invested in Tesla stocks to get Bartl a Tesla with all her earnings. She gifted Bartl a stunning white Tesla Model Y whose base price is $42,000.  

Cerny and Bartl’s Love Story

Cerny, who rose to fame through Vine, was initially rumored to be dating YouTuber Logan Paul, one of Bartl’s close friends. 

He talked about his relationship with Cerny on Logan Paul’s podcast— Impaulsive. Initially, they were dating in secret, but after his friends questioned him, he came clean to them, telling them he was dating Cerny. The pair have been dating since 2017. 

The two are quite open about sharing their love for each other on their respective Instagram handles. They constantly post videos and skits with each other, providing their fans with a glimpse into their relationship.