Freddie Ross Jr., professionally known as Big Freedia, met her boyfriend Devon at the most unexpected time, around 2006.

As a local celebrity rapper, she had been living in New Orleans. But in August 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated her hometown. 

She and her family had to cut a hole in their duplex's roof to ask for help when the water rose to the second floor. Days after being evacuated, Freedia moved to Houston.

In the new city, she found temporary stability and also a supporting boyfriend.

Their mutual friend had introduced the duo to one another, and Devon's openness about his sexuality had impressed the rising rapper. After all, she had only dated men who weren't openly gay. 

"When your love grows for somebody and y'all get closer you wanna...feel more appreciated, and you wanna feel loved," the 43-year-old told WNYC Studios in August 2015. 

The pair started dating in August 2006. After being in a relationship for over a decade, they got engaged around 2017. 

Is Big Freedia Married?

After the engagement, Freedia and her partner decided to take a step further into their relationship.

They planned on being the husband and wife and went to a wedding chapel in New Orleans' French Quarter. 

But the move was for naught. Just before taking the vows, Freedia left her boyfriend at the altar, running away from the wedding. 

The botched plan was captured on her former reality show Big Freedia Bounces Back. Although it didn't get televised, the resurfaced deleted scene gave a glimpse of what went down on their big day. 

Freedia — dressed casually in a jeans ensemble — took a vehicle and ran away from the ceremony while saying, "I could not do this," on her phone.

Later, Devon confronted his partner, asking why she left the venue in such a manner.

In her defense, Freedia expressed she didn't go through the wedding because she had so much hanging over her head.

"I have legal issues. Most importantly, I'm focused on my career because if I don't work, we don't eat," she explained in a confessional. 

Upon hearing her statement, Devon asked Freedia if she would get married to him in the future. "Yes, of course," Freddie exclaimed, stating that she wanted to do a bigger wedding.

The musical artist clarified that she wanted to push the wedding a little longer to focus on her career goals.

Are Big Freedia and Her Boyfriend Still Dating?

Although Freedia and her future husband couldn't get married, their relationship is sailing smoothly as always. 

On 2021 Valentine's Day, the reality star posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend and wished her fans and followers a" Happy Lover's Day."

Then, on her beau's birthday, dated September 30, 2021, she posted a throwback picture of them and penned a heartfelt message. 

"I wanna wish my bae a Very Happy Birthday," Freedia began, stating they she had been together with him for so many years.

"Wanna continue to wish for better years ahead and strength to keep growing," she added. 

The television personality even mentioned that she couldn't wait to get home and see him. 

While the lovebirds are yet to start a family, Devon already has a daughter named ZyZy from his previous relationship.