Poker Face and Mother of the Bride actor Benjamin Bratt is a happily married man and has been married to his wife, Talisa Soto, for almost 20 years as of this writing.

In the years that they have been married, they have been blessed with two beautiful kids — a daughter, Sophia Rosalinda Bratt, and a son, Mateo Bravery.


Sophia was born on 6 December 2002 (age 20 years), in New York, New York, United States, whereas her brother Mateo was born on October 3, 2005 (age 17 years), in Los Angeles.

At the time of the birth, Sophia weighed 7 pounds, according to TheIntelligencer


Sophia and Mateo's parents, Talisa and Benjamin first met on the set of a biopic based on the life of Miguel Pinero titled Pinero in 2001 and married in April 2022.  

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Benjamin Bratt & Wife are Parents of 2

That being said, life hasn't been easy for the actor and his wife, especially because one of their kids suffered a brain injury during childbirth, which resulted in their firstborn daughter having physical disabilities. 


In a column for People, Bratt confirmed that for the first few years after the birth of their daughter, they were utterly confused and lost. 

He also shared that his daughter "understands everything, she’s quick to laugh, she’s loving and a physically beautiful child."

One of Benjamin Bratt's kids — daughter Sophia

Benjamin Bratt's daughter Sophia (Source: Instagram)

In his words, what he and his wife "faced as parents was like being in a tunnel of darkness for the first few years of her life because we didn't know what to do."

The doting father confirmed that his daughter "understands everything, she's quick to laugh, she's loving and a physically beautiful child."

He also affirmed that her younger brother, Mateo, was also very supportive and pushed his sister when needed. 

And as any loving parents to their kids would do, Bratt and his wife, Soto, took the time to educate themselves about their special needs daughter's condition and focused all their energy on assembling the best team of therapists they could manage. 


They took her to a transition treatment in New York to help manage her lifestyle as she neared her early twenties. The treatment program taught the young woman various real-life activities such as using money, folding and managing clothes, cooking, and buying groceries.

Thanks to all of their efforts, Sophia made good progress in her journey to find a suitable means of living, countering her physical disabilities. The parents revolved their professional and personal lives around their daughter Sophia's needs.

Their daughter was cast in the 2020 American mysical film, Best Summer Ever


In an interview in 2022, Bratt shared that their family had relocated at least fifteen times so that Sophia could get favorable social situations and schooling in addition to the best therapists.

Eight years of Their Marriage Felt like 6 Months, Bratt said

During another interaction with the outlet, Bratt told them that the first eight years of his marriage to Soto felt more like six months because the two of them were so aligned. 

They were cast as lovers in Pinero in 2001, and a year after that, they got married. 

But apart from a shared passion for acting, they also had a devotion to parenting their kids, keeping them together. 


The father was also fond of hearing what his kids had to say and having conversations with them. 

"[I love] to see their perspective on things – just to be with them," he told the publication. "See what they have to say about the world, what they see."

Benjamin Bratt & Wife are Picky about Projects

Since they became parents to their kids, the couple also confessed to being more picky-choosy about the projects they took on. 

The actor confessed that family was what meant the most to him, and to leave them behind to go act on a project was not something he was looking forward to. 

The stakes are much higher on every level. The work that you choose will draw you away from that which you care for most, your family, [and] gets a whole new scrutiny.


The year 2008, Bratt took a hit in his career by doing mostly small-screen projects so that he could be there for his family more. 

"[I] cannot be a great husband and father — especially the father of a child with special needs," he said of opting out from almost all of the silver screen offers. 

Still, the series, The Cleaner, kept his hands full for many days. Fortunately, he and his supportive wife carved out a plan to take care of their daughter by filling in for each other whenever needed. 

Thanks to his hardworking wife, Bratt has been able to manage his household perfectly. He has also appreciated his wife's contribution to his life. 

To Esquire in 2022, he said, "Raising children, especially one who is as challenged as our daughter, is physically and emotionally exhausting. My wife carries the brunt of it because when I go off to work, she is left behind. She’s my hero."


If you didn't Know, Bratt's former actress wife Talisa Soto had an aspiring on-screen career as an actor before she sacrificed it to look after her children, especially her daughter. 

In 2023, Bratt spoke to People and shared that he felt lucky to be with his wife of 20 years. Previously in the year 2022, he had shared with Today that his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer during the pandemic.

His wife' Soto is perhaps best known for playing the role of the exotic Kitana in the Mortal Kombat franchise, including appearances in Mortal Kombat and its sequels Mortal Kombat: Annihilation in 1997 and Mortal Kombat 3: Domination in 2003.

Previously,  she had begun her career as a model. She was featured in numerous to fashion magazines such as British Elle, Mademoiselle, Glamour and Birtish Vogue. 

At age 15, she was first represented by Click Model Management. She was born on 27 March 1967 in a Puerto Rican family in New York.

Prior to her marriage to Bratt, she was married to actor Costas Mandylor for three years, leading up to a divorce in the year 2000. 

On the other hand, although Bratt had made plenty of headlines for his breakup with Oscar-winner Julia Roberts, he had never been married before Soto.

As for Bratt, he rose to stardom as Detective Reynaldo Curtis on Law & Order but left the series after four years in 1999 to focus on his movie career.

His film credits include The River WildTraffic, and Miss Congeniality.