Throughout his life, Ben Folds has been married five times. And though four of his marriages ended in divorce, the musician still shares an amazing relationship with his ex-wives.

Folds is currently married to his wife, Emma Sandall, a former Royal Ballet dancer. The two have been together since at least 2016 and tied the knot sometime before July 2020.

Folds has revealed very little about his spouse to the public and what’s known about her comes entirely from other sources.

In an article published in the New York Times back in 2020, it was reported that he and Sandall had put up their home in Hudson, New York, for sale.

Folds and his wife had initially purchased the property for $1,181,740. The pair then spent close to $2 million to renovate the 8,700-square-foot three-story Victorian building.

During the renovation, the couple put a lot of effort into the house, building creative spaces for both of them.

“I seem to have a thing for long, rectangular, creative spaces,” Folds said of the building. “And we certainly put a lot into this one.”

Folds and his spouse listed the building for $2.8 million, with Nicole Vidor as the listing broker.

Ben Folds Is Friends with His Previous Spouses

Though little is known about Sandall, Folds has revealed quite a bit about his previous spouses.

His first marriage was with Anna Goodman, whom he described as his “oldest friend.”

They met at an elementary school in North Carolina when they were six-years-old. She was also the one who inspired Folds to play music.


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After more than a decade of friendship, Folds and Goodman tied the knot in 1987.

“Anna and I felt pressure to do something with our lives. Getting married was the thing you had to do. My mum was barely 20 when she had me–but it’s what you did. We were married from 1987 to 1992,” he wrote in an article for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Though the two split after five years of marriage, they remain close friends. In fact, some songs on his band Ben Folds Five’s first two albums are collaborations with Goodman.

Four years after his split with Goodman, Folds took Kate Rosen as his spouse on December 14, 1996. Unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived, ending just a year later.

The ‘Zak and Sara’ musician then moved on with Frally Hynes, an Australian artist. The duo walked down the aisle on May 20, 1999 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Ben Folds answering questions in a video for Reverb

Ben Folds answering questions in a video for Reverb. (Source: YouTube)

Just two months after their wedding, Folds and Hynes welcomed twins, Louis Francis and Gracie Scott, in July 1999.

Folds also wrote about the difficulties of balancing fatherhood and musical career in the aforementioned article.

“I lived in Adelaide during that time and would travel to the US to play gigs to earn money for the family. It was a heavy load, but we were blessed because of the twins.”

Hynes and Folds ended their marriage in 2006. He has since described her as the best mother to their kids and praised her for doing a great job of keeping the family together.

Following the dissolution of his third marriage, Folds moved on with Fleur Stanbrook, whom he married on November 15, 2007. The duo welcomed no children together and went their separate ways in 2011.