Becca Tilley has always kept her relationship details with her secret boyfriend off the internet. She rarely talks about her long-term relationship with her mystery man.

However, when she does talk about it, she reveals interesting details. In 2020, she talked about how she was sure they would get married.

And now, Tilley disclosed a few more details while answering fan questions on Instagram.

Becca Tilley Talked about Relationship Privacy

On February 15, 2022, Tilley asked her fans to send her questions they wanted answered. "I feel like answering some questions today... if you have any?" she wrote on her first story for the day.

In response, fans sent her questions about her love life, mental health, and more.

The first question was about the qualities she looked for in her significant other. The fan wanted to know both what attracted her and what put her off.

Talking about what she wanted in her boyfriend, Tilley said she wanted someone who made her strive to be better and challenged her.

She also wanted someone "who feels like home." The Bachelor alum wanted a constant feeling of safety and comfort in her relationship.

Becca Tilley answered a question about qualities she looked for in a boyfriend.

Becca Tilley answered a question about qualities she looked for in a boyfriend. (Photo: Becca Tilley/Instagram)

As for things that put her off, she did not like someone who was rude to people in the service industry, or was unnecessarily rude in ant context. She also didn't prefer anyone who did not like animals and had too much ego.

It probably wouldn't be too far off to assume these are the qualities her current boyfriend has.

Another person wanted to get some relationship advice from her. It was from someone in their thirties who had never been in a relationship.

To this, Tilley penned a long, encouraging message. She asked the person to take a chance with someone else.


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Tilley acknowledged that being single for a long time was comforting, but that humans had to break out of their comfort zone to experience something better.

"When you date & fall in love, all of the [sic] sudden you are opening yourself up to different possibilities that don't always feel safe," she wrote.

But, she admitted falling in love was the best feeling, and hoped the person would allow themselved to experience that bliss.

"Let someone get to experience how great you are," she concluded her answer, followed by a red heart emoji.

Further into the stories, she answered another person wanting to know if she would ever reveal her relationship.

Tilley clarified that being private on social media and "hiding" were not the same thing.

Becca Tilley revealed if she would ever reveal her boyfriend's identity.

Becca Tilley revealed if she would ever reveal her boyfriend's identity. (Photo: Becca Tilley/Instagram)

"People already have an opinion about my relationship and I haven't even shared it. Makes sense why I want to protect it?" countered Tilley.

However, she did not completely rule out revealing her boyfriend. "It'll be out choice though," she said at the end.

Becca Tilley’s Relationship with Secret Boyfriend

During the Q&A, one fan innocently asked if she was in a relationship. To this, Tilley said, "I'm in a relationship. Almost 4 years."

Before starting a relationship with her mystery man, she was dating The Bachelorette's Robert Graham.

She started dating her current boyfriend in late 2018. But she first talked about this only in June 2019.


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Then, in September 2019, she stated she did not have anything interesting to share about her relationship. But she hoped to be open about it someday, much like she feels now.

On February 10, 2020, came her biggest revelation to date. During an episode of her podcast, Scrubbing In, she said she was 95 percent sure she would marry him.

Going by how she likes to keep things on the down-low, it would not be surprising if she married him in secret and only talked about it later.