Noah Glenn Carter is a popular content creator on TikTok with over three million followers. He reports on celebrities and updates his followers on viral incidents.

On December 8, the TikToker reported on a trending TikTok user named “bdjekkgkfowl.”

If you are wondering “who is bdjekkgkfowl,” she is a user on the app who has gone viral in the last couple of days.

A few days ago, bdjekkgkfowl joined TikTok and made a video doing the famous finger challenges. It looked like a regular video. 

But there is a conspiracy theory on the app that the user is seeking help.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that before starting the challenge, she faced her palm to the camera with her thumb tucked and then made a fist. This is actually the national distress sign in the US.

Viewers took the comment section to share that she asked for help and expressed their concern.

They also asked her if she needed help calling 911. But some thought it was just a kid on the internet fooling around. 

“bdjekkgkfowl” Goes Viral

That was just one of her first-finger challenge videos. After that, the user uploaded three more similar videos and seemed to drop more clues about her problem. 

The subsequent posts had hashtags like “domestic violence.” There was one letter written between her hashtags in each of her videos.

All the letters combined spelled “help.” She had also dropped her location, Missouri, in the hashtags. 

Users took the comment section and realized that she genuinely asked for help.

However, while some were concerned and asked people in the comments to help her, others took the matter lightly and accused her of doing anything for clout on the app.

All her videos have gone viral and have over a million views. But then, things got more intense when she uploaded her final video.

In the video, instead of doing a finger challenge, she was frantically asking for help and giving details about her situation. 

“bdjekkgkfowl's” Last Video

The video was a little muffled, but other users on TikTok have translated it.

The person was heard saying that her name was Elizabeth and that she was suffering from mental and physical abuse at the hands of a man who held her hostage. 

She then said he had given her a phone but was monitoring it. She also said that she had two friends with her, and they had been hurt as well.

Many of the users took the comment section to let her know they had notified the state police. 

While some suggested she could pretend she was ordering pizza and call the police instead. Carter also reported on this, hoping to spread awareness of the situation. 

The user has not uploaded any videos since.