Ariel Martin, popularly known as Baby Ariel, is one of TikTok's biggest stars. She boasts an impressive 35.5 million followers on the platform. She rose to fame, when she was just 15, with her lip-syncing videos on 

Initially, she lip-synced songs and posted them on for fun. But soon after, her videos garnered massive attention from viewers, so she decided to continue, and quickly became a stellar Muser.

When a compilation of old videos with her lip-syncing the N-word video resurfaced on the internet, Baby Ariel started receiving a lot of hate, even from her own followers. 

Baby Ariel Apologizes for the N-Word Video

She went on to her Twitter to address the situation, apologizing for the naïve racist behavior she enacted when she was 15 years old. 

In September 2020, a YouTube video was posted where young Baby Ariel could be seen lip-syncing the N-word multiple times.

After the video resurfaced, Ariel almost immediately addressed the situation by posting an apology video through her Twitter account.

She said, "I was uneducated and unaware to understand what I was lip-syncing at that age." 

"My parents found the videos online and schooled me about what I was lip-syncing. I was extremely embarrassed and never said it again." 

Baby Ariel isn't the only influencer in her family. Her brother Jacob, alongside her parents, Jose and Sharone, have a YouTube channel where they post funny family videos.

They have been very open about using their platform to speak against racism and have been avid participants in the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Baby Ariel Launches Anti-bullying Campaign

In 2015, Ariel launched the anti-bullying campaign, #ArielMovement. She described it as a positive platform where people could find love, support, and comradery amongst each other. A sort of "safe space" for people of all backgrounds.

In 2021, Ariel, who is of Jewish-Hispanic ethnicity, made a meaningful statement via Twitter on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

She acknowledged that "the same kind of hate [antisemitism of the holocaust] is rising again in too many places around the world."

With all the success she's achieved at such a young age, Ariel has had her fair share of trolls on the internet.

In her book Dreaming Out Loud, she talked about the pain of experiencing abuse on social media. 

The book delves into the young star's success and personal life. From dealing with fame at an early age and her influences to relationship timelines and how a Walmart trip made her realize she was famous, she goes through all the details.