The past year has not been easy for Asian Doll, but it looks like she is ready to move on. 

Last November, Asian Doll was grieving openly after finding out about the death of her boyfriend, King Von. She had been dating the Chicago rapper on and off for years before he was fatally shot in a shooting involving the police in Atlanta in November. 

After Von's death, Asian Doll had taken to Twitter to let fans in on the grieving process. In several tweets, she expressed her heartbreak over the news and hoped King Von would visit her in her dreams.

Over the past nine months, Asian Doll took to social media and shared special tributes to her late boyfriend and honored King Von by getting multiple tattoos of him and making a chain that depicted the rapper.

But it looks like Asian Doll is finally ready to move on, as she has been spotted flirting on Instagram with Jackboy on multiple occasions. 

Asian Doll and Jackboy

The rumors of Asian Doll and Jackboy dating started when she tweeted saying she missed Jackboy and announced that she had a new boyfriend. 

The duo further ignited the rumors when they had flirtatious exchanges publicly on Instagram. Jackboy initially slid into Asian Doll's comments, calling her "my love" with a heart emoji. That was just the first. Jackboy continued commenting on other posts.


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In one scintillating photo, she flaunted her curves in a see-through black dress with chains and a bejeweled bag. In the caption, she wrote, "my fly gotta match his, so he went and bought me some diamonds." 

Jackboy commented on the post, writing, "Bought her a Birkin 2 hold my [gun emoji]," he wrote, to which Asian Doll responded, calling Jackboy her "baby," with a heart emoji.

During Asian Doll's recent Instagram Live session, a fan had asked her how Jackboy had felt about her calling herself Queen Von. She replied that Jackboy didn't care and wasn't the sort to get jealous. 

She didn't directly confirm her relationship with Jackboy, but her publicly answering questions about him seems to confirm they have something going on. 

Jackboy Talks about Dating and Having Kids with Asian Doll

On September 27, radio station Wild 94.1 posted a snippet of Jackboy talking about Asian Doll. 


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In the footage, Jackboy said that he didn't have kids and wanted some, which prompted the host to tease him, saying, "you know who you should make babies with? It will be beautiful chocolate babies." The host's response elicited laughter from Jackboy. 

The host then confessed that she was planning to ask him about Asian Doll, and then she asked him if he was in love with her. 

Jackboy replied that love was a strong word and that he did not take it lightly. But he revealed that he was "rocking with her," which confirmed that he had something going on with Asian Doll. 

It looks like the duo is just enjoying each other's company for now.