Ashley Jones and her then-boyfriend Bariki “Bar” Smith were first introduced to Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant audiences in 2018. At the time, the couple was preparing to welcome their daughter, Holly, who is already four years old now. 

Fans have watched them struggle to raise their daughter and make their tumultuous relationship work.

In the first season, they were engaged, but by May 2019, they had called off their engagement after Jones reportedly claimed Bar had abused her. In October 2019, she told OK! she was glad she shared her story on the series because many people reached out to her and found courage through her situation. 

Most fans thought their relationship was over after that. However, they were shocked to learn that the couple was still together.

They had stayed in contact and worked on their relationship for the sake of their child, but as usual, it was riddled with breakups and reconciliations. So, where does the couple stand today?

Are Ashley Jones and Bar Smith Still Together?

In March 2022, reports surfaced the couple had tied the knot “five or six months” before filming Teen Mom: Family Reunion. But their marriage is far from smooth sailing.

Jones told co-star Leah Messer on the MTV show that she and her husband were going to therapy

“Right now, my relationship with Bar is just at a space where it needs some TLC (tender loving care) and if it doesn’t get that, it could fall apart,” the Teen Mom star elaborated in a confessional.

Fans wonder if Ashley Jones and her husband Bar Smith are still together

Fans wonder if Ashley Jones and her husband Bar Smith are still together. (Source: Instagram)

And then, in May 2022, MTV aired the first part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special. Jones confirmed she and her husband were still married but no longer together.

“We are married, but not together,” said Jones before she explained what Bar needed to do if he wanted to get back together with her.

“In order for me to put the ring back on, I need to see him do a few things. I need to see him go to school or get a trade. If you wanna hunt chickens, hunt chickens, but do it good and be serious about the things,” said the reality star. 

Ashley Jones and Husband's Communication Issues

During an interview with InTouch Weekly, the Teen Mom star revealed that communication was one of the biggest challenges in her marriage.

She explained that when she and her husband were not married, it was easy for them to end their relationship. All they had to do was walk out.

But after marriage, leaving turned to divorce, and that was not something that could be taken lightly. 

“When you’re not married, it’s easy to say, ‘I’m done, I’m over you, I’m leaving you!’ And then um, when you’re married, those words become ‘I’m divorcing you’ or [we’re] ‘getting divorced.’ And that’s just really heavy,” said Jones. She added that if they communicated better, they could avoid many “bigger, blown-out problems.”

The reality star revealed that for the upcoming seasons of the show, fans could look forward to seeing the couple trying to adapt to becoming newlyweds.