Ashley Iaconetti and her husband Jared Haibon are enjoying their time with their newborn baby, Dawson Demitri Brady Haibon. They welcomed him in January 2022.

The Bachelor in Paradise star had a lot of anxieties as she got closer to her delivery date in January. However, the one thing she was not indecisive about was the baby name.

She and her husband decided on Dawson's name a long time before he came into the world.

Ashley Iaconetti Named Her Baby after Favorite Character

Iaconetti and Haibon first talked about Dawson's name during an episode of Amazon Live on January 16, 2022. They had discussed their favorite baby products in the video.

"Our first baby's name is going to be Dawson Demitri — that is our little boy's name," Haibon revealed in the video. He also said they had been sitting on the idea for a long time.

That was especially the case for Iaconetti, who was fond of the name Dawson. There was only one reason for it.

Her favorite movie is Titanic, and her favorite character is Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack Dawson. She told Haibon she adored that name when they first got together and had decided on the moniker "20 years ago."

"13 years of me being set on Dawson and him being down for it — there were no other contenders," she told Life & Style magazine in January.

In the clip, she said she also wanted people to know Dawson wasn't inspired by James Van Der Beek's character in Dawson's Creek. It was strictly her love for Titanic.

Haibon agreed on the name immediately if it was a boy but had his reservations if their child was a girl. Iaconetti wanted that to be the name regardless of gender.


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As for the middle name — Demitri — it took a bit of a discussion, although that too was a relatively quick decision.

They had considered "Rhodes" as Dawson's middle name for a while because Haibon is from Rhode Island. However, they thought Demitri sounded better with Dawson than Rhodes.

Ashley Iaconetti Enjoying Time with Son

Iaconetti first announced she was pregnant in an Amazon Live stream in July 2021. She was ten weeks pregnant at the time.

She had anxieties regarding her new life with Dawson. She admitted to being "petrified of delivery" and about how she would adjust to life as a new parent.

However, she had a pleasant labor and delivery experience on January 31, 2022, and her son was a "chill" baby.

Ashley Iaconetti with husband Jared Haibon and baby Dawson Demitri Brady Haibon.

Ashley Iaconetti with husband Jared Haibon and baby Dawson Demitri Brady Haibon. (Photo: Instagram)

"Right now we're enjoying the sleepiest, calmest baby we've ever met," the reality star wrote in her announcement post. He had his mother's feet and his father's chin. His chill, however, was his own.

He had been getting enough sleep, too, unlike his parents.

Dawson enjoyed his first tub bath on February 12, and that, too, had gone smoothly.

His arrival is just one of the few new things in her life. She and her husband also moved into a new home and started a new coffee and cocktail lounge, Ashley's, in Rhode Island in December 2021.

Ashley Iaconetti Chose Bottle Feeding For Son

Unlike most mothers, Iaconetti chose bottle feeding over breastfeeding for her son. 

She opened up about her decision to formula feed in an Instagram post dated March 23, 2022. 

"I'm not breastfeeding," she began her post, claiming she knew she was a better mom and her son was happier because of her decision.

Ashley Iaconetti explains why she is not breastfeeding her son.

Iaconetti explained her decision to breastfeed in an Instagram post. (Photo: Instagram)

Further in the post, Iaconetti shared she decided so to make her body "only mine again." She explained her body needed a break after delivering her son.

"Growing a human was enough for this year... I didn't want my body to have to struggle again if breastfeeding didn't come easy, which is so often doesn't," she added. 

Saying that her son deserved her best self, Iaconetti mentioned that her husband and family members were equally supportive of her decision. 

She also clarified that she thought breastfeeding was beautiful, but it wasn't the right thing for her and her family.

Iaconetti's post was met with huge support from her friends and followers.