Ariana Grande, as unequivocally as her fans seem to adore, has one of the cutest smiles, even with her bunny teeth. 

In fact, her bunny teeth regularly make it to social platforms such as Twitter, where fans stan over her smile. However, a wholly new conversation on Grande's teeth took over the internet: her grills. 

Yes, you read that right! 

Ariana Grande's Diamond Studded Teeth

Grande set the internet ablaze with the new diamond studs in her teeth. Eagle-eyed fans were the first to notice that Grande got a new set of grills—a welcome revival of the '80s trend. 

However, the idea of the pop star getting the bling on her canines was so out there that fans suspected her teeth were photoshopped for obvious reasons. 

That was until Grande took it upon herself to clear the air. She uploaded a selfie on Twitter where she held down her bottom lips to put her bottom row of teeth on full display. 

What do you know! She really got the bling that the internet had been fawning over for so long.

She shared that she'd gotten the diamonds studded on her bottom canines a while ago in the captions.

She also considered how her latest set of blings were not always visible, so she took the time out to show them to her fans.

Check out the photo below. 

Fans React to Ariana Grande's Teeth

Just as expected, twitterati rallied to the thread where Grande made the massive revelation.

More notably, though, fans were excitedly poking fun at the songstress, saying that this might be the start of Grande's hip-hop career. 

 One Arianator wrote: "A true gangsta, we stan even harder." Another fan called Grande "Pharrella," which is likely a nod to Pharrell's use of grills in the early 2000s. "Thuglife," another responded.

The thread went on with one user making the announcement: "It's confirmed!!! Rapper Ariana Grande is coming." Yet another fan added, "Ur a Soundcloud rapper now."

While her new sets of grills spurred a conversation of their own, they also managed to call back the attention to her buck teeth. 

Once again, fans lined up to share their favorite picks that perfectly showcased the songstress's adorable front teeth. Others jumped on the bandwagon with tweets of appreciation. Check out some of our top picks. 

The History of Grillz

While Grande might have made some headway in bringing back grills or dental ornaments back to pop culture, the fashion statement is not new by any means. 

In fact, as per Vice, dental adornments have been around since the seventh century BC. At the time, Etruscan women had their front teeth removed and replaced with gold.

More recently, though, blinging out one's dentures were made famous through the old school hip-hop culture from back in the '80s—that's also when the more hip nomenclature "grillz" came about. 

Then there were artists like Nelly and Kelis who revived the dental blings for the '90s.