Antonio Cupo has a habit of being a part of happy movies, which Hallmark movies usually are. He has been a staple at the TV movie network for over a decade.

And just like his on-screen characters' family lives, his real personal life, too, is nothing short of amazing. It's a shame he does not share much about his family with his wife and children.

Here are a few things we know about Cupo's married life, wedding, and how he balances his personal and professional lives.

Antonio Cupo’s Family with Wife Dorothy Wang

Cupo has been with his wife, Dorothy Wang, for over seven years.

He has not talked about where he met his wife or how long they dated for before tying the knot, but a post on her Facebook suggests they got engaged in 2015.

Antonio Cupo with his wife, Dorothy Wang, in July 2015.

Antonio Cupo with his wife, Dorothy Wang, in July 2015. (Photo: Dorothy Wang/Facebook)

The couple got married on May 28, 2015, in the seaport city of Vancouver, British Columbia, which is also his birthplace. Their wedding registry reveals nothing but her name and their wedding date and place.

Going through her Facebook page reveals a bit more about their nuptials. The couple, as seen in their wedding photos, wore white for their special day. They also had a beautiful photoshoot at a rocky oceanfront.

Wang seems to keep her social media either private or keeps her activity there at a minimum. The only public posts on her Facebook page are her anniversary posts from 2016 and a couple of selfies with Cupo.

The pair have two children. Their son, Brando, was born in 2016 and their daughter, Chiara, arrived in 2019.

Cupo only shares pictures and videos of his daughter on his Instagram, although there are a lot of little clips of Brando on his IG highlights. His wife, however, seems to prefer the relative anonymity.

Antonio Cupo’s Work-Life Balance with Children

Like many parents during the pandemic, Cupo and Wang had their share of revelatory moments alongside their children. The two little ones kept them occupied throughout the lockdowns as they had just moved into a new house and were homeschooling them.

"It was a time for us to reflect," he said in his interview with My Devotional Thoughts in December 2020. He realized that every moment he spends with his children is precious.

Antonio Cupo's two children, son Brando (right), and daughter Chiara (left).

Antonio Cupo's two children, son Brando (right), and daughter Chiara (left). (Photo: Antonio Cupo/Instagram)

Being a father is also the role he relishes the most. His "handful" kids are his number one priority.

"When I’m on a job it takes 90% of my waking hours, so between my projects I look to inundate myself with them," Cupo told Community Magazine NJ in November 2020.

Cupo is now still busy with Hallmark, but his Instagram shows he is equally devoted to creating a great family life.