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Antoine Dodson has confused everyone with his sexuality.

First, he came out as gay, then said he was straight, and now, he identifies as bisexual. His journey to identify himself has been going on for almost a decade.

He gained traction in 2010 when he became a viral internet sensation when he gave an interview regarding the home invasion and attempted sexual assault of his sister.

His interview was auto-tuned into a song called 'Bed Intruder Song.' After being a viral sensation, many people wanted to know about his life.

Antoine Dodson Came Out as Gay

In August 2010, while doing an online Q/A, Dodson revealed he was not bisexual. Instead, he confessed he was gay.

He said, "Am I bi? No. Am I gay? Yes." In an interview with VladTV in 2014, he gave reasons he believed he identified as such.

He realized he was homosexual when he was in first or second grade. He was looking at boys instead of girls.

However, he suppressed those feelings. But after he was raped when he was 11-12, those feelings became less suppressed.

He was snatched from a local grocery store and taken to its back. He was raped in the dumpsters, which was traumatic to him.

But it also aided him in finding himself. Moreover, Dodson credited him living with his mother, sister, and grandmother for sparking his "gay thing."

He joked he was caught up in all the emotions of the ladies in his house, which he picked up as a child.

Antoine Dodson Changed His Sexual Orientation Three Times. He First Came Out As Gay, Then Straight, Then Bisexual.

Antoine Dodson, who went viral from an interview, first identified as gay. (Source: Twitter)

Antoine Dodson Being Straight and Bisexual

In May 2013, Dodson took to Facebook to announce that he was "no longer into homosexuality." He wrote how he had become a Black Hebrew Israelites and had given up being a homosexual in a now-deleted status.

He said he was giving it all up to know "the true history of [the] bible," and he was a "descendant of Judah." Moreover, he wrote how he was not interested in worldly things but instead wanted to have a wife and kids.

Many thought he was hacked, but later, he clarified via YouTube that his Facebook post was true. By September 2013, he had a girlfriend who was pregnant with his son. 

He shared the story of being a father with HipHollywood in September 2013. He said they had to take two pregnancy tests to confirm that they were expecting.

He also shared that his baby mama was his childhood friend, and he was in love with his partner. He did not explicitly say if she was his wife but hinted that they had tied the knot.

In May 2014, the son was born and was dragged into his father's mess. Dodson said that if his son were gay, he would help his kid "turn straight."

He also said, "Even if he couldn't be fixed, it doesn't matter because I still support him no matter what." 

In 2018, Dodson changed the label for his sexuality once again and confirmed he identified as bisexual. He labeled himself as such because he did not know what the future held for him.

Similarly, his partner also understood his orientation. He said, "she completely understood, and she completely got it."