Durte Dom (Dominykas Zeglatias) is not new to controversies. He got famous as David Dobrik's childhood friend and used to make appearances in his vlogs often.

However, things went downhill for Dom and Dobrik after girls accused them of sexual assault, harassment, and rape. 

In 2021, Don received allegations as such, whereas Dobrik faced backlash for enabling his friend. The two have drifted apart since then. 

Dom walked freely and did not face any punishments for the accusations. But now, it seems like he will be in police custody for something entirely different.

Durte Dom Wanted by The LAPD

Recently footage of a Tesla flying at a speed on a residential area in Los Angeles went viral. The video showed a Tesla Model S flying across the street and crashing beside two parked cars and trash bins.

The video went viral shortly after being released and caught the attention of the police. Since the stunt was dangerous and in a residential area, the LAPD searched for the perpetrators.

The police noted that the charges against the driver would be charged for hit-and-run. Similarly, on March 20, 2022, they tweeted that they would reward $1000 to anyone who would bring them information about it. 

The information should be related to "the offender's identification, apprehension, and conviction or resolution through a civil compromise." Alongside the news, they also tweeted the viral video that caught their attention. 

A couple of hours later, they noted they received over 50 tips regarding the accident. They revealed that 90% of them accused Dom of the hit-and-run out of those tips.  

Perhaps, the reason behind those tips was because Dom confessed the crime in his YouTube shorts. He even wrote #DUI, which means he was driving under the influence. 

In the video, it seems like he was taking edibles, making him incoherent. He wrote, "I just crashed my new tesla," and then proceeded to show the crime. 

However, according to the reports, Dom did not own the Tesla. Instead, it was a Turo rental. The video allegedly went viral after Alex Choi posted it online. 

According to his narration, "this random dude wanted to show me the place David Dobrik jumped his Tesla." However, he did not explicitly mention if it was Dom who wanted to show him flying his Tesla. 

Durte Dom Lied about Jumping Tesla 

Shortly after the police or LAPD announced they were looking for Dom, they tweeted they were also looking for Choi. They revealed that out of 100% of the tips, 10% were about the YouTuber.

This was because Choi was the one who filmed the incident. However, soon after that, Choi revealed Dom was not the one who jumped and crashed the Tesla. ,


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He took to Instagram Stories to reveal that Dom was not present at the scene. He noted he did not know why Dom was lying about the situation. 

Choi confessed he was at the scene and saw everything. But he confirmed Dom was not present there, and he was currently lying about it. 

Other than this, Choi did not open up if LAPD and the police approached him or not. Similarly, Dom has not addressed the situation and has not revealed if he was present at the crime scene or not.