Anthony Padilla is right!

Keeping such an incredible relationship with his stunning girlfriend, Mykie, a secret for as long as he did must have been hard. 

It was on December 14, 2019, that Padilla surprised fans with his new girlfriend. Although, in all honesty, their relationship was already a month old at that point. 

How to Go Instagram Official?

Padilla somehow found the perfect words to describe what he felt, too. See if you can relate:

When someone sweeps you off your feet and reminds you why every moment in life is beautiful, you want to turn into a puddle of sap and shout it from a mountain top.

He then went on to gush about how Mykie was the most wonderful human he ever had the pleasure of knowing. 

He considered himself fortunate to be able to call her his girlfriend, and beyond that — "a partner and a true teammate in life." 

"Her charisma and the warmth she radiates and her sheer talent and creative drive," he continued. "I finally get to introduce you to my favorite person on this entire planet. Feels good man."

He then went on to thank all those who contributed to the making of the post in any capacity:

For the Stars Fashion House for the venue and costumes, Kobi Gulianni for shooting the photos, Spencer Henry for doing Mykie's hair, and last but certainly not the least Mykie herself for being there.

Take notes everyone, that's going Instagram official done right!

The girlfriend made a similar post on her Instagram as well. However, the boyfriend had one small request to make, "I haven’t seen the caption you wrote on your 'reveal' photo but I certainly hope it’s less sappy than mine haha!"

Anthony Padilla with his girlfriend Mykie

Anthony Padilla with his girlfriend Mykie (Source: Instagram)

Being Her Valentine

Following that post, the couple has been updating fans on the regular on the different milestones of their relationship. 

Take for instance the photo dump they made for this past Valentine's Day.

The couple apparently celebrated the day by going out to the Descanso Gardens, admiring "palm trees that don't conform to shaving norms."

Their outing was followed (or preceded) by a delicious lunch at Blue Ribbon at the Grove. The boyfriend munched on crispy rice and crispy cauliflower while the girlfriend went with a salmon dish. 

That being said, the photos weren't really posted on Valentine's Day, they were posted on February 16, 2022. 


A post shared by mykie (@mykie)

For February 14, 2022, the couple posted a captionless series of pictures, all of which were taken at the exact same spot by the ocean somewhere. 

And the Years Roll On...

By this point, it's no surprise that the YouTuber makes it a point to flaunt his girlfriend whilst gushing on her and his love for her for anniversaries and other special occasions. 

For their first anniversary, on September 10, 2020, he professed his love for her yet again as he shared how it felt like they'd known each other since childhood and how he continued falling in love with her every day. 

The second-anniversary post was a tad bit subdued in comparison.

On September 17, 2021, Padilla simply announced that a week prior to the post he'd celebrated two years with his queen. 

Here's to many many more!