Anthony Anderson wasn't serious about his health when he first got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Instead, he attributed the symptoms to his work that had been keeping him busy.

He felt lethargic and had a constant thirst and urination. But, he didn't notice he needed medical health until he drank almost 5 gallons of water in one and a half hours. 

In the light of the symptoms, Anderson went for a check-up and was diagnosed with diabetes in 2002. Not only that, he had high cholesterol and blood pressure.

The doctors recommended him three different medications and also stressed he start exercising. 

They had told him they would decrease the drug dosage if he maintained the glucose level with workouts. But Anderson couldn't make the needed drastic change there and then. He thought he was doing well from his side.

However, that all changed when the comedian lost his father to type 2 diabetes. His father had never gone to the hospital and had never given the needed attention to his condition. As a result, his health deteriorated irrecoverably. 

After his father's demise, Anderson realized the impact of death on family members and vowed he would take care of himself for his family — his wife and children. 

Who Is Anthony Anderson's Wife?

The personal life of Anderson has always been overshadowed by his magnificent career, which prompts fans to question - is Anthony Anderson married?  

A big yes!  Anderson has been married to his wife, Alvina Stewart, for quite some time now. The pair started dating after they met at Howard University and tied the knot in 1999.

The high school sweethearts welcomed two children — daughter Kyra Anderson and son Nathan Anderson. But their relationship faced bumps as they separated briefly in April 2015. 

Anderson's wife filed for divorce at a Los Angeles court in September 2015, citing irreconcilable differences. However, she withdrew her petition in January 2017 and reconciled with her estranged partner. 

Stewart serves as a senior litigation paralegal working at the Stewart Attorney Support Services.  

His Wife and Children Helped Him Maintain Health

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Anderson gushed about his fitness journey after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

The 51-year-old disclosed his fitness fanatic wife motivated him to be in better shape. In addition, he mentioned his children were fit as well and inspired him to keep going. 

As per his accounts, their presence in his life alone motivated him to be serious about his health. The Emmy-nominated actor didn't want his family to go through what he went through when his dad passed away. 

Moreover, he wanted to be a role model for his mom, who got diagnosed with the condition. So, making better choices, the Black-ish actor started eating healthier and cleaner. 

He kick-started exercise and even bought a bike for traveling. Courtesy of his dedication, Anderson had already lost 46 pounds at the time of the interview. 

In 2018, he even partnered with Novo Nordisk to create an awareness campaign named Get Real About Diabetes.