Annette Ruiz, well known by her alias, Ann_ette69, is a famous YouTube star who started her journey to fame on the internet on November 28, 2014.

Since then, she has garnered over 480,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and has amassed over 800,00 followers on her Instagram account. 

Ruiz gained popularity on YouTube for her themed makeup and hairstyling tutorials. Now she does makeup reviews, as well as personal and lifestyle vlog entries.

The beauty guru is also a business advisor and provides a paid service for people interested in starting a career in the beauty industry. 

She has collaborated with Beauty Creations to develop her own makeup kit, Annette 69, which comprises a set of eyeshadow palettes, lip gloss, highlighters, and fake lashes.  

Annette Ruiz Finally Announced Her Pregnancy

The lifestyle influencer announced her pregnancy when she took it to her Instagram and wrote, "I can't believe I'm finally sharing this news with y'all."

The picture comprised a little board writing, "Baby 69 coming soon," and her famous sister Jenny69 confirmed that she is pregnant, stating "the secret is out" in the comment section. 

Her Fans Are Skeptical of the News Surrounding Her Pregnancy

This is not the first time that the influencer has announced her pregnancy. She had previously revealed she was welcoming a new baby, but shocked her fans after introducing her new furry pet.

Although many have shown positive responses towards the Californian native on her pregnancy post, quite a lot of her followers have speculated that the influencer might be pulling some pranks on them.

"I'm sure it's another pet.. she's always said she didn't want kids," a fan commented. 

Another fan raised similar speculations, writing, "Why do I feel she's not announcing a pregnancy though? No ultrasound.."

Annette Ruiz Isn't Dating Anyone Right Now

The confusion surrounding her pregnancy is also because she recently announced she is now single.

Last week, the YouTube star told her followers that it has been almost three months since she broke up with her long-term boyfriend Adrian and that she will not reveal any insights about their split. 

She publicly announced that she is no more in a relationship and isn't looking forward to dating anybody right now.

"Let's move on guys, I'm single now," said Ruiz on her video.

Many had speculated about the couple's break up after Ruiz deleted all photos from her Instagram featuring her boyfriend, Adrian.