Angela Kinsey, being the amazing person that she is, was busy planning a birthday party for a friend of hers.

Understandably, the actress decided to share the wonderful experience with her followers on Instagram. 

However, followers got so carried away by the snap of her putting the party together that they thought it was Kinsey's birthday. 

An Elaborate Scheme

On September 5, 2021, Kinsey took to her Instagram to share a picture of herself holding two doughnut balloons against a birthday party backdrop. The room she was in was decorated with "Happy Birthday" streamers, followed by two balloons that made up the number 50. 

In the caption, she outed that it was her friend Michael Peters' birthday weekend and that she was the head of the party planning committee for the event. But, apparently, her followers didn't get the memo and thought that it was her birthday instead. 

And it wasn't just her fans; even celebs like Jaren Lewison, Gemma Stafford, Bisa Butler, Steven Rowley, and Jenny Mollen stopped by the comments section to drop happy birthday wishes.

But upon closer inspection, it was evident that the joke was spawned by the celebs themselves. 

Steven Rowley Spilled the Beans

On the same day, Rowley put up a post on his Instagram page where the author shared a snap of himself, Kinsey, and their friend Peters, who were standing in front of the same balloons that Kinsey showed off in her post. 

In the caption, the Lily and the Octopus author wished Peters a happy birthday and explained that all three friends featured in the adjacent photograph had just turned fifty this year. 

He revealed that on the occasion of Peters' birthday, all three of them decide to raise a toast to crushing the 50-year milestone together. 

Angela Kinsey Celebrated Her Birthday Earlier This Year

For those of you wondering, Kinsey's birthday actually falls on June 25 every year.

On the occasion of her birthday this year, the Office Ladies host shared a picture of herself painting a beautiful hummingbird. She was raising a glass to the camera, all the while beaming with a radiant smile. 

Kinsey let her shoulder-length blonde locks loose as they clung to her blue maxi dress.

"50!!" she exclaimed in the caption before adding that she was excited and thankful for the "holy moly half a century" that she had lived. She went on to thank her fans, friends, and family for their sweet messages on her special day. 

After sharing her love for everyone, she asked to be excused so that she could go back to learning how to paint that hummingbird. 

More recently, Kinsey made headlines for her new book Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There, which is an extension of Kinsey and Jenna Fischer's podcast Office Ladies

On June 5, 2021, Kinsey's husband, Joshua Snyder, took to Instagram to inform fans, who were keenly waiting for the book, that she had finally written the last chapter of her book. The book will reportedly be published on February 8, 2022.