Andrew Whitworth's wife, Melissa Whitworth, has been with him through thick and thin. She is supportive of the NFL player and constantly goes to his games and shows. 

According to ABTC, the two had been together for a long time before getting married in 2006.

The couple is blessed with four kids — Drew, Sarah, Michael, and Katherine, who also go to their dad's games. 

Melissa is an excellent journalist who has worked for NBC10/Fox14 News. The award-winning journalist does not hesitate to lift her pen when it comes to pouring her feeling out. 

She did so when her husband switched from Cincinnati Bengals to Los Angeles Rams. 

Andrew Whitworth's Wife Wrote about Bengals' Decision 

The NFL player joined Cincinnati Bengals after being selected in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He was with the team for a decade with various extensions in the contract. 

In 2017, he signed a three-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams. In 2020, he signed an additional three-year deal and is currently playing as their tackle. 

Andrew Whitworth posing with his sons, Drew and Michael.

Andrew Whitworth posing with his sons, Drew and Michael. (Source: Instagram)

However, Andrew switching from Bengals to the Rams went down with some drama. His wife revealed it all in an article she wrote for Lola Magazine

The article was titled 'Our Journey from LA to L.A.' and published in March 2019. After Andrew left the Bengals, he was a free agent. 

This meant that any NFL team could approach him and make an offer. While they were anxious about it, they were sure that Andrew would re-sign with the Bengals. 

The Whitworth Family wanted to stay in Cincinnati and not move anywhere else. But things did not go how they had expected or hoped. 

Melissa invited her parents to help them when the free agency bidding started.

Her father was "a numbers guy," so he would help them figure it out, especially if they had to move away from Cincinnati. 

Los Angeles Chargers was the first to call, and they made a good offer. The second was Cincinnati Bengals, but it was not a good one. 

The NFL player posing for a selfie with his wife, Melissa Whitworth.

The NFL player posing for a selfie with his wife, Melissa Whitworth. (Source: Instagram)

The same day, Los Angeles Rams made "a really solid offer." They knew the Rams wanted Andrew, but looking at all the other factors, the NFL player and his wife were unsure.

Moving to California, taxes, and starting a new life with a new team was not worth it for them initially. But, the next day, they got more offers that were better than the day before. 

From Denver to New York, the offers were piling in. Moreover, the Rams made an even better offer than the previous one. 

Andrew Whitworth's Rejection from the Bengals

Regardless, the NFL player was hesitant to leave the Bengals. He started his career there and wanted to end it there.

But the offer they had made was poor and was far from the ones others had made. So Andrew asked his agent, Pat Dye, to approach the Bengals and negotiate to increase the offer. 

Dye reached out, but unfortunately, it did not go how Andrew and his wife wanted. Tory Blackburn, one owner of the Bengals, sent a text to the agent saying they were sorry. 

Andrew Whitworth with his wife and kids at Chileno Bay Resort & Residences.

Andrew Whitworth with his wife and kids at Chileno Bay Resort & Residences. (Source: Instagram)

Blackburn said they would not increase the price since Andrew was "an aging left tackle." He further said, "If he chooses to leave Cincinnati, all good things must come to an end, I guess."

The pair was sad and hurt reading the text since they could not believe it. But Andrew still wanted to say in Cincinnati. 

He believed there were no offers that were worth leaving. Dye called the Rams and asked them to offer the Whitworths could not refuse. 

Rams followed up with $36 million for three years with $15 million guaranteed. It made the NFL player the highest-paid left tackle at his age in history. 

As a result, the Whitworths moved to L.A. It was difficult for Andrew, his wife, and their kids, but eventually, they made it work and are living happily in the City of Angels.