Andrew Luck was a force to be reckoned with when he was on the fields playing football. Now, he has retired and is enjoying his retirement.

Luck played for the National Football League (NFL) with Indianapolis Colts for seven seasons from 2012 to 2018. Before NFL, he played college football from 2008 to 2011.

He excelled in college football and won many awards like Maxwell, Johnny Unitas Golder Arm, and Walter Camp as a senior. Soon after, he was selected by the Colts in the first overall NFL drafts.

Unfortunately, he did not get to stay with the Colts for a very long time. This was because he retired prematurely and left the world of football.

Andrew Luck's Retired Life Now

Luck has been enjoying his retired life since 2019 and is doing better than people expected now. David Shaw, Luck's former coach at Stanford, talked about Luck's life after football on Rich Eisen Show in February 2022.

He said, "Andrew Luck is doing better than all of us combined." He confirmed that the former quarterback was living his life to the fullest and was "comfortable with himself."

Shaw admitted that he, along with Luck's fans and followers, would like to see the athlete return to football and "see him go and sling it around." Unfortunately, his career was short, but it was a marvelous experience.

But Luck has moved on and has left the life of football behind. Right now, he is more focused on his personal life, being a husband and a father, "looking for that next chapter in his life."

Andrew Luck retired from football in 2019 and is enjoying his retired life now

Andrew Luck retired from football in 2019 and is enjoying his retired life now. (Source: Twitter)

However, Shaw does not know what Luck will be doing now. Since retirement, he has got a lot of opportunities, but "he’s enjoying life, and he’s taking his time."

Moreover, it looks like Luck will be more focused on philanthropic things. Shaw emphasized that the former NFL player had at least 40 years to figure out what to do with his life.

Since he is "one of those guys who’s looking at a lot of different things," he had been in touch with people. Therefore, there were high possibilities that Luck would do something that would benefit people.

He did not elaborate more than that but said, "He’s [Luck] a very conscientious person and someone who beyond football wants to make an impact in our society."

Andrew Luck's Life in The Colts

As soon as he was a part of the Colts, Luck brought luck to the NFL team. They got consecutive division titles in two seasons after he joined the football team.

Then, Luck had the second-largest playoff comeback in the NFL during the 2013 playoffs. In 2014, the Colts reached the AFC Championship Game with his help.

During his first three years with the NFL team, Luck earned Pro Bowl honors, and in 2014, he led the league in passing touchdowns. However, his NFL journey was full of highs and lows.

Mostly, the lows included injuries he sustained over time. In 2017, Luck could not play because of them, and eventually, in 2019, he retired because of them.

His premature retirement shocked everyone, but regardless of it all, Luck is enjoying his life now.