"Let's make the right moves with this thing [music]. You are not stressing, I am not stressing," Anderson Paak recalled his wife Jaylyn Chang's words during his 2015 interview with VladTV.

Paak told the interviewer how he struggled with no finances or a career during the early phases of his marriage with his wife, Chang.

He also credited her for providing the household by doing part-time jobs during the torrid times.

Additionally, the rapper spoke about his wife's support as she "100%" believed in what they, as a couple, were doing. 

Paak remembered how Chang offered him all the help needed to prosper as she had concerns regarding their then-unborn son's future.

"She was never like, you should stop doing something other than music," Paak said in his recollections.

His wife's support and encouragement and Paak's sheer determination to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry helped him succeed.

Paak experienced success when legendary record producer Dr. Dre launched him in the rap industry.

Presently, the the-once struggling artist has multiple grammy awards to his name.

Anderson Paak on How He Met His Wife

In 2016, Paak appeared in The Breakfast Club, a radio show hosted by DJ Envy, Charlamagne tha God, and Angela Lee.

Halfway through the show, Paak was asked how he met Chang.

Paak told the hosts that he met her at a music school when she came to the United States from Korea.

It wasn't a straightforward affair for Paak, who unfortunately had to drop out of school "within weeks" due to financial reasons.

During that time, Paak was homeless and therefore couldn't afford the fees.

However, his talent with drums and his ability to read musical notes was spotted during his initial school days. 

As a result, the music school offered him a job as a Teaching Assistant.

Chang was in the vocals class while he played drums in the Gospel band.

They ultimately crossed each other's paths and thus began dating.

During the radio show, he revealed his marriage with Chang to be his second.

Anderson Paak and His Wife's Homeless

While deep into the conversation during his radio appearance, Paak briefly touched upon his family background.

According to Paak, his parents had to serve time in prison while he was growing up.

When Paak was a seven-year-old kid, his father, who was "caught up in the drugs and alcohol," went to prison for beating Paak's mom on the street. 

He served fourteen years in prison and died shortly after his release. Paak's mother married right after his dad was sent to jail.

While Paak was in high school, his mom and step-father, who ran a strawberry business, were sentenced to prison for tax fraud.

Sometime later, Paak started working on a marijuana-growing farm in Santa Barbara, California, as a bud trimmer to support his finances.

In his confession to VladTV, he said the money he made was the "most money I ever had at one point."

But unfortunately, his reckless handling of the money and being let go from the job ended up in Paak and his pregnant wife Chang being homeless.