Amybeth McNulty lost two of the most important women in her life in consecutive years. In 2020, she lost her grandmother, and in 2021, her mother passed away.

However, the Anne with an E actress has never really talked about their deaths. She kept the circumstances private.

But speculations never stopped surrounding the subject, causing McNulty to now address the same.

Amybeth McNulty Addresses Rumors about Mother's Death

McNulty had been noticing the speculations people made about her mother's death. She announced her passing through a post on November 18, 2021.

In the post, the actress expressed her desire for the world to know how wonderful she was and how proud she was to be her daughter. "Please rest easy my love," she wrote at the end of her caption.


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Accompanying the caption were a couple of selfies with her late mother.

She had remained secretive about the incident but had to speak up when the noise got too loud. On February 14, 2022, she took to Instagram stories to say a few things regarding her mother and the circumstances of her death.

"I wasn't planning on saying anything but this is something that has been troubling me recently," McNulty wrote at the start of the story.

She said she had been keeping her family, and especially her parents, out of the public eye. But she admitted to having noticed "theories" about how her mom passed away.

Then, she wrote, "I would really appreciate privacy over this, and unfortunately, I do see what is being said online," admitting her mom's death had hit everyone who knew her hard.

Amybeth McNulty address her mother's death and asks for the speculations to stop.

Amybeth McNulty addressed her mother's death and asked for the speculations to stop. (Photo: Instagram)

Finally, she also thanked those who had been respectful about the subject and said the love everyone showed meant the world to her.

Amybeth McNulty Got a Tattoo as a Tribute

The above statement came just days after she revealed she had gotten a tattoo in remembrance of her mother and grandmother. She debuted her below-the-ribcage tattoo on February 12, 2022.

"A forget me not flower fairy, for my nana and mum," she revealed in the caption. The tattoo shows a fairy holding a flowering plant as she looks up to it.

McNulty also revealed that it was her first tattoo and "one [she will] be forever proud of."

Amybeth McNulty showed off her tattoo she got as a tribute to her mother and grandmother.

Amybeth McNulty showed off the tattoo she got as a tribute. (Photo: Instagram)

She announced the loss of her grandmother on October 6, 2020, with a sweet post on Instagram. "Rest well my wee Scottish warrior. I love you," the caption read as she posted a few pictures of her, one of which was a selfie.

McNulty first rose to mainstream prominence after her role as Anne on the hit Netflix series Anne with an E. She appreciated the role, especially because it matched the experiences her great-grandmother went through.

"My great grandmother, Martha, was hired at 11 years old to be a worker to people," McNulty revealed in an interview with the Irish Mirror in July 2018. She never met her, but her late grandmother told her about it.

McNulty dedicated the role to her because of the similarities. "It's a shame I never met her, but I really did draw on her circumstances," she lamented during the interview.