Growing up, Amanda Seales' interest wasn't limited to just one particular thing. In addition to being good in her studies, she was also into painting, tap dancing, and gymnastics.

And there was always one person to support her hobbies — her mother Annette Seales.

In the absence of her father, her single mother did her best to provide the love of both parents to her daughter. Now, in return, the Insecure actress has made her mom proud with her achievements in various fields, either as an actress, a singer, or a radio host.

Mother's Support

Speaking with Repeller magazine in February 2019, the actress opened up about how her mother, a nurse, unfailingly supported her interests as a kid.

She revealed to the interviewer that despite having varied interests, she was not the kid who was all over the place, before adding,

I just had a lot of interests and when I would get into something, I would really dive in. [My mom] picked up on that early and went the distance with allowing me to inhabit a number of different spaces.

It was also during those growing years that she decided to start performing. Amanda explained there wasn't a time when she wasn't performing.

"I mean, I was always in my mind, coming up with ideas, characters, things to perform," she added.

Knowing that, her mother urged her to attend Dr. Phillips High School, a performing arts high school in Orlando, Florida. After high school, Amanda subsequently moved to New York and started living her dreams.

Her Mother Is From Grenada

Amanda revealed that her mother was a black woman from Grenada, a Caribbean country comprising a main island, during a conversation with Nylon magazine in 2016.


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The actress of American and Grenada nationality further discussed that she really got her roots in being a black American after hanging with the upperclassmen black actors at her high school. 

She also recalled watching the 2013 Academy Award-winning film 12 Years A Slave, which made her feel proud and inspired to make an impact as a black woman.

Appreciation for Her Mom

For all the love and support that her mother gave her, Amanda feels grateful and doesn't miss out on thanking her.

The actress usually takes to her social media to share snaps of herself with her mother and appreciates her. For instance, she dedicated a post to her mother to mark the occasion of the National Nurse's Week on May 7, 2021.

She uploaded two pictures of her mother, writing,

Happy #nationalnursesweek ! Big ups to my mom, London/Lewisham & Ipswich trained retired RN / midwife and all the under-appreciated health care professionals who do their best to give quality care. *Tupac voice* YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

She followed up that post with a Mother's Day post just two days later. She again shared a series of pictures of the mother-daughter duo, with the first two slides being throwback images from her childhood.

The last picture in the slide saw the actress and her mother posing with American rapper Snoop Dogg backstage at an event.