For years, She’s the Man actress Amanda Bynes underwent much turmoil, which left her parents with no choice but to place her under a conservatorship that they currently manage. 

The troubled star was put under a 5150 psychiatric hold at a Pasadena mental facility and put under a 5150 psychiatric hold.

The move came hours after Bynes went on a Twitter rant against her parents, Lynn and Rick.

The actress had accused her father of sexually, verbally, and physically abusing her as a child.

But then she deleted the tweets stating, “My dad did none of those things The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he’s the one that ordered them to microchip me.”

Meanwhile, her mother was heartbroken and stated that Bynes’ father was “the best father and husband” and had “never abused Amanda or our other children physically or sexually.”

Bynes’ erratic behavior led to a contentious relationship between her and her parents.

However, earlier in September, E! News reported that Bynes had a much better relationship with her parents these days. 

Amanda Bynes and Her Parents

According to an insider, the 35-year-old Hairspray actress was “doing better than ever.”

The insider stated that Bynes’ relationship with her parents was wonderful at the moment, thanks to the pandemic.

They added that the quarantine process prohibited Bynes from seeing her elderly parents for a while, making the actress appreciate her loved ones more. 

When they could finally see each other again, they were able to spend that quality time together, and that strengthened their bond a lot.

Meanwhile, her parents saw how well she was doing and were proud of her progress, which “really helped Amanda to finally see, spend time with and hug her parents.”

The insider also gave updates about the actress’ love life and her rap career.

According to the source, Bynes, who has been engaged to fiancé Paul Michael since February 2020, stated that the couple was engaged and in a good healthy place.

But right now, Bynes was focusing on FIDM and finishing school.

Amanda Bynes’ Mother Furious at Her

It appears things are going great between the actress and her parents, but it wasn’t long ago that reports were claiming Bynes’ mother was furious at her

Last year shortly after getting engaged, Bynes’ announced she was pregnant, which was problematic since the actress was under conservatorship.

The reason her mother was angry was that she found her actions irresponsible given Bynes’ condition.

But that wasn’t all. The Easy A actress was also refusing to take some of her medications because of its impact on her child. 

Additionally, there was also the problem of custody that upset her mother. Under the conservatorship, Bynes was only allowed physical custody of her child, but legally her parents and her fiancé had the rights. 

So far, there has been no update on this matter.