American Pie star Alyson Hannigan has been married to her husband Alexis Denisof since 2003, and even after nearly two decades into their marriage, manages to keep the romance alive. 

The couple initially met on the sets of the cult favorite series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where Hannigan was a series regular. Denisof had come on board the show as a guest star in the third season. 

Although Hannigan was dating someone else back then, she immediately felt a connection with the man she would eventually call her husband. The two only worked together for one season, but rest assured, Hannigan was smitten. 

Hannigan wanted to take things further, but Denisof didn't date anyone from work. Still, the two had a good friendship going. Things changed after Hannigan broke up with her then-boyfriend. 

As she told The Sun back in 2012 (via Nikki Swift), 

When my new relationship ran its course, the whole thing suddenly changed and Alex and I started to really care about each other. It was two years before we started seeing each other and that was back in 1999.

A year after that interview, the couple completed a decade as husband and wife, and to celebrate, they decided to renew their vows. 

Alyson Hannigan & Husband Renewed Vows for 10th Anniversary

On July 28, 2013, the actress took to her Twitter to let her fans in on the big surprise that her husband had come up with. 

"My hubby @AlexisDenisof surprised me with the most romantic day of my life yesterday! Which included another proposal & ring! I said YES!" she wrote at the time. (via The LA Times)

She was also excited to have her two beautiful daughters, Satyana and Keeva, there as she wedded her husband for the second time. 

Alyson Hannigan & Husband Keeping the Magic Alive

Hannigan and her husband are a working couple, and since they both work on TV, they tend to travel a lot between gigs.

Understandably, it can be challenging for the couple to keep the spark alive when they have to spend so much time apart. Hannigan once told Us Weekly that the two of them loved being together. 

"It just feels like part of my heart is gone when he’s gone," she added. 

The couple has found a way to curb that issue, though. They work with one another at regular intervals. 

The couple has starred opposite one another in Love, Wedding, Marriage,  and How I Met Your Mother. Hannigan went on record back in January 2020 to share that she was willing to work alongside her husband if such an opportunity presented itself. 

“Oh, that’d be so much fun and honestly, the kids are at such a great age now too where, it’s OK [to do that],” she told the outlet. 

Now that their kids were older, the couple was more comfortable leaving them at home. In contrast, when the kids were younger, the couple would manage their work schedules such that only one parent was working at any given time.