Alvin Kamara was thought to be Azur Kamara's brother after the latter, and his mother made an appearance on the second episode of Hard Knocks.

However, the two players just share the same surname and are not brothers.

Still, the pair have a lot in common. For instance, both of their mothers moved to the US to escape civil wars in their home countries.

Alvin's mother was born in Liberia and immigrated to the United States to escape the First Liberian Civil War.

Similarly, Azur's mother and stepfather moved to the US as refugees from the First Ivorian Civil War.


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Azur has two brothers — Adam Sherrif and Omar Sherrif. Both of them are majoring in liberal arts and sciences at the University of Kansas.

Alvin also has a brother, but not much is known about him.

Alvin Kamara's Family

Despite being immensely popular, Alvin likes to keep a low profile. 

"I don't want to be a celebrity. That's not my goal. I'm not interested in being the shit, or lit," the NFL star shared during a conversation with Bleach Report.

In the same conversation, Alvin revealed much of what is known about his family.

His father was in and out of his life as a child. As he grew older, his father had disappeared completely, and he has kept his distance from his father since then.

In fact, Alvin has a terrible relationship with his father and ignored his father when he came to visit his son during one of his trips to Tampa Bay with the Saints.

While his relationship with his father isn't good, the New Orleans Saints running back is very close to his sister, Garmai Momolu.

Momolu, who is ten years older than him, was the second parental figure in the house. She often drove Alvin and his brothers to school and instilled many values he treasures. 

As for his brother, Alvin has revealed nothing about him.

Alvin Kamara Dating Te’a Cooper

Alvin is dating Te'a Cooper. The two went public with their relationship in late September 2021.

Alvin Kamara with girlfriend Te'a Cooper

Alvin Kamara with girlfriend Te'a Cooper (Source: Instagram)

While it's unknown exactly when the two got together, they first sparked relationship rumors in July 2021.

Alvin uploaded a story on his Instagram in the last week of July where he was hanging out with a female companion.

The story revealed very little, and Cooper's face wasn't even shown. The only part of his companion that could be seen was her nails.

However, that was all that was needed to figure out her identity. People quickly pointed out the resemblance of Cooper's nails to the ones that were featured in Alvin's Instagram Stories.

The relationship speculations gained further traction when he later posted a few clips from Cooper's game for the LA Sparks in early September.

As the number of people who believed the two athletes were dating increased, the pair came out in the open and revealed they were dating.

The two went Instagram official on September 22, 2021. They have made multiple posts about each other since then.