Alexa Demie has been in the industry for quite some time now, but it was Euphoria that catapulted her to fame.

The actress portrays the complicated but confident Maddy Perez, the industry's new "IT" girl. 

Her electric fashion choices and creative makeup on the hit HBO series are iconic and never fail to set off a wave of trends after each episode. 

But the same show also sparked controversy about her real age. 

The debate started in 2020 after Demie gained more recognition for her role on the show, and the discussion returned in 2022 when the second season of the hit series kicked off. 

Demie's character is a 17-year-old high school student, but her real age remains a bit of a controversy. 

All the cast members are adults in their early 20s, and many people thought Demie was in her early 20s as well. 

In fact, in interviews, the actress was also portrayed as someone in her early 20s. 

During a 2019 interview with Instyle, the actress did not correct the interviewer when they said Demie was almost 25.

Alexa Demie on Kissing a Minor

That same year, The New York Times also mentioned that she was 24 years old when they did a feature on her. 

In 2019, Demie had done an interview where she mentioned she had started a sunglasses collection called Mainframe in her senior year of high school. 

A user, @iamsarinotsari, dug an old interview about her business, which stated that she was 19 years old in 2010.  

The user also found information that stated Demie was 29 and not 24 like she claimed to be. 

They posted screenshots that suggested Demie graduated from John Marshall High School in 2008. 

Demie's fans were not happy about the actress lying about how old she was, but there was one more reason they were upset. 

In a scene of her film Mid90s, she kissed Sunny Sujic, an 11-year-old minor at the time, while she was 28. 

Fans were concerned about the inappropriate scene, but when asked about the kiss, the Euphoria star defended it

"He is just so cool, and it felt very comfortable and safe, and after thinking about there's no way I didn't want to be part of it," said the actress. 

Alexa Demie's Age Scandal Revived

Demie's age scandal after that had died down, but recently users have taken to Twitter to discuss it again. 

Amber Lizette TikTok on Alexa Demie's age

Amber Lizette TikTok on Alexa Demie's age reshared on Twitter (Source: anyasbarbie/Twitter)

On February 18, TikTok user Amber Lizette, who goes by amber_lizette25, posted a video stating that she went to high school with Demie. 

She showed the yearbook photo of the actress, and users flooded her comments section, asking her how old she was. 

The user made another video and stated that she was 32 and asked netizens to stop calling Demie old. 

Her videos have been reshared on Twitter, with some users sharing another yearbook photo of the actress. 

They also claimed that the Euphoria actress had lied about her age all along. 

Some criticized her for pretending to be someone younger, but some defended her, stating it wasn't a big deal. 

They stated that Demie's talent and acting prowess were all that mattered, and we couldn't agree more.