Alex Mapeli and his girlfriend, Flavia Charallo, are "couple goals" to many of their fans and followers.

They often post pictures of one another on their social media, especially Instagram and TikTok, and show off their relationship.

From spicy evenings to romantic dates, Mapeli and Charallo document their lives through pictures and videos on the internet. From just a glance at their social media, it is evident that the pair love each other a lot.

They gush about how much they love each other and enjoy their dating life, making people idolize their relationship. They have been together for over six years, and it seems like they will be dating for many more years to come.

Alex Mapeli and His Girlfriend's Relationship

On January 27, 2022, Mapeli took to Instagram stories to do a Q/A about their relationship. Their fans and followers asked questions about their love life, and the influencer answered them alongside photos with his girlfriend.

Mapeli and Charallo met each other in 2016 while doing a photo shoot. They were working with Instagram and were promoting a brand's store in a mall.

Alex Mapeli answering questions on his Instagram stories about his relationship

Alex Mapeli answered questions on his Instagram stories about his relationship. (Source: Instagram)

The clothes Charallo was supposed to wear were at Mapeli's house, so when she went to get those, the pair first met each other. Both of them were smitten with each other, and it was love at first sight.

They went to the event together, and on the way back, Mapeli dropped Charallo home. They kissed one another on the corner of their mouths and never stopped seeing one another.

Soon, the pair started dating and have never looked back. Mapeli was 17, and Charallo had just turned 18 when they began dating.

Mapeli confessed that both of them said "i love you" to each other at the same time. However, their relationship is not only rainbows and butterflies.

The influencer admitted that sometimes they fight, but it is not as often and not on serious issues. Once, it was rumored that Mapeli had hooked up with Nikita Dragun.

The beauty mogul had released a song, 'D***,' where she had uploaded pictures of boys she had allegedly hooked up with. Unfortunately, one of them was Mapeli.

However, Mapeli and Charallo squashed the rumors via comments on @gossipnoinsta's post. They assured Mapeli was never together with Dragun, and he was still dating Charallo.

Alex Mapeli's Future with His Girlfriend

In March 2022, Mapeli celebrated his sixth anniversary with his girlfriend. They took to Instagram to share pictures of one another and gush about their love.

Charallo penned a long caption, wishing her boyfriend and reminiscing their time together. She shared how she still remembered their first date and the first time they held hands.

The pair matured together and stayed with one another, even when many wanted to split them apart. They endured strong through all the hardships and now are growing strong against all odds.

Alex Mapeli's girlfriend Flavia Charallo wishing him on their sixth anniversary

Alex Mapeli's girlfriend, Flavia Charallo, wished him on their sixth anniversary. (Source: Instagram)

Charallo ended her captions, reminding her partner how much she loved him and would be with him forever. Mapeli and Charallo have already planned on spending the rest of their lives together.

They have decided on getting married. In fact, the couple had plans to tie the knot since the day they met.

They have lived together since the first month of dating. So now, six years later, they want to take a step forward.

Moreover, they also want to have children together. Mapeli confessed that it was his and his girlfriend's "biggest dream" to have kids.

After settling down, the couple has plans to move to the USA. However, they are not yet sure about it, and only time will tell about how they will move forward after getting married.