Alex James is living his happily ever after with his family — his wife, Claire Neate James, and their five children. 

Alex is a musician and a songwriter who has been linked with different bands like Fat Les, WigWam, Me Me Me, and Bad Lieutenant.

He is best known as the bassist of Blur. On the other hand, he is also a journalist.

Currently, he is a cheese maker more than his other career options since he is more focused on cheese farming. 

His wife and children aid his passion. They currently live in Oxfordshire near Kingham on a 200-acre cheese farm. 

Alex James's Wife and Kids 

Like her husband, Claire is also involved in the entertainment industry.

She is a producer known for projects such as The Black HoleThe Devil's WeddingDesperately Seeking Dinosaurs, and Mark Hix on Salt.

Alex James posing with his wife, Claire Neate James, at 10th The Big Feastival.

Alex James posing with his wife Claire Neate James at The Big Feastival in 2021. (Source: Instagram)

Alex revealed how he met his wife in a 2013 interview with Oxford Mail.

Claire was a pop video director, and he was a musician back then. They met each other in 2002 while staying in Little Barrington at their friend's house.

Unfortunately, around the time they met, he separated from Blur. He told Guardian in 2011 that "it felt like a new part of my life was starting."

They soon fell in love and married in April 2003 in Cheltenham. 

 Alex James with Claire Neate James on their wedding day.

Alex James with Claire Neate James on their wedding day. (Source: Instagram)

James and his partner were blessed with five children — three sons and two daughters. Their oldest son is Geronimo, followed by twins Artemis and Galileo.

Their daughters' names are Sable and Beatrix.

Alex James's Family Life in Cheese Farm 

Soon after Alex met Claire, he wanted to move to the countryside. The duo dreamt of putting down roots there, but they could not. 

In the early 2000s, they "were living in one of the best parts of London and doing something like that in the middle of a torrid love affair seemed to be madness."

Moreover, Alex's friends said he could not do it and be a farmer and father simultaneously. Thus, he shoved the desire to move into a farmhouse at the back of his mind. 

After his journey with Blur ended, Alex and his wife purchased a farmhouse. Before they settled there, the farm was failing. 

But the bassist and his passion for cheese turned the failing farm into a successful one.

The bassist with his spouse and children posing for a picture

James with his spouse Claire Neate James and children. (Source: Instagram)

Claire undoubtedly has her late full with movie projects and raising children. But, regardless, she is there when Alex needs her.

For him, his spouse is his "biggest critic." Alex told Oxford Mail he knew "it was love when I found out she loves cheese as much as I do."

His children also help him with his cheese production. They love his products and give their dad ideas about what to do next. 

Alex has mixed his passion for food and music by hosting The Big Feastival on his farm every year. Overall, he is living his life to the fullest with his wife and children.