AJayII has become quite a big name in the world of YouTube's music reviews. The emerging celebrity has gained over 700 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and 205k followers on her Twitter handle. 

While she was on top of her game, she disappeared from the internet all of a sudden, which started a wave of concerns from her fans about what happened to AJayII.

The YouTuber recently made her comeback on the platform after nearly five months of hiatus. Although she had raised a lot of eyebrows during her absence, it is definitely not her first long hiatus.

Here is everything you need to know about AJayII disappearance and comeback. 

AJayII’s Last Post Was Made Back in April

With more than 87 million views on her Youtube channel, AJayII uploaded her first video more than four years ago in April 2017, reviewing Lana Del Ray's album, Born To Die.

Her viewers loved her unfiltered opinion about music and her witty sense of humor from her very first album review. She consistently provided content for her followers through her YouTube channel and Twitter page for around 3 years.

AJayII posted her last video on April 17, 2021, where she reacted to Taylor Swift's 'from the vault' tracks, included on Fearless (Taylor's Version).

Without any notice to her viewers, she stopped posting videos on her YouTube after that and refrained from doing anything on her social media as well. 

"Does anyone know what happened to AJayII? She seems to be missing for months now. Who else wants another Ajay reacts?" one fan asked. 

In the comment section of her last video before hiatus, the majority of the comments were genuine concerns about her made by her followers. 

"But when the world needed her the most… she vanished. Come back Ajay," one fan wrote. 

Several others could be seen requesting her to make her comeback on YouTube, while some could be seen supporting AJayII for taking a break from her work. 

AJayII's Twitter page seemed empty, too. Her last post was made way back in December 2020. Many fans tweeted their concerns about their favorite content creator's disappearance. 

There was also an ongoing rumor about AJayII's worsening health condition. Nevertheless, the news has never been confirmed by AJayII, and it could be the case that the YouTuber is taking a break from her work and detoxing from social media. 

AJayII Came Back After A 5 Month Hiatus

After a long break of 5 months, the YouTube star made her comeback on her YouTube when she posted a new video titled "Let's catch up..." last week on September 24. 

She started by thanking her followers for sticking to her channel even after her disappearance and said she had missed them a lot. 

She took a moment to address the concerns raised by her fans and told them that she had simply been on a break from her work as she wanted to take time for herself during the summer.

"Sorry for being away for so long," she said. "I could've been back a long time ago but you know I don't love recording in the summer in the heat."

AJayII even joked about her A.C. being very cranky and noisy, which resulted in her postponing her videos. 

The Youtuber informed that during her time away from the virtual world, she listened to a lot of music. She talked about a recent album by American singer Tinashe called 333 that was released on August 6, 2021. 

AJayII went on to reveal that she has been listening to the album "every single day since it came out" and asked her followers to post their favorite albums in the comment section. 

She also posted two videos reviewing two different albums from different artists: Sour by Olivia Rodrigo and Solar Power by Lorde.