TikTok has churned out some of the biggest stars, and Addison Rae is undoubtedly one of the biggest on the platform. 

With over 87.8 million followers, she was once the most followed TikToker, but she has since slid down to the fourth spot. 

Rae was getting ready for her life at LSU when she started making choreographed TikToks inspired by her competitive dancing days as a kid. 

Some of these choreographies went viral, and since then, she has been famous for her dance videos. 

Her most viewed dance video was a choreography by a smaller TikToker. Rae was seen doing a body roll to Cochise’s rap song, 'Pocket Rocket.' 

The video has over 95 million views. Similarly, some of her other dance videos have also garnered over 80 million views. 

But recently, fans noticed she was straying away from dance content and diversifying into lip-syncing instead. 


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TikTok’s celebrity reporter, Noah Glenn Carter, also mentioned how her newer videos differed from her older ones.

As a result, Rae has been accused of "changing too much." Obviously, not in a good way. 

Addison Rae Accused of 'Changing Too Much'

One video that started the conversation about Rae’s change saw the TikToker lip-syncing to ‘Savior,’ a song by Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar, and Sam Dew. 

Rae appeared to be at the beach and wore an animal-printed bikini with no make up. 

The video has only 4.5 million likes, a far cry from her usual 10 million-plus likes in her dance videos. 

Most of her lip-syncing videos only have single-digit likes compared to her other ones. In the ‘Savior’ lip-syncing video, netizens commented Rae was not who she used to be.

Addison Rae at the Met Gala 2021

Addison Rae walking the red carpet at the Met Gala 2021. (Source: Instagram)

One user commented, “we are waiting for dances.” while another wrote, “she’s changed so so so so much.” A third one criticized, “wow I can’t even defend you anymore.”

However, some came to her aid and said the TikTok star was getting older, so she was “obviously going to try new things.”

“Let her do what she wants. People act like just because she’s a celebrity, she has to do whatever they want,” stated one person. 

Addison Rae Asked Fans to Focus on Positivity

It wasn’t too long ago that Rae had asked fans to make social media a place of positivity rather than “tearing people down.”


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On January 28, 2022, the He’s All That star sat down with Insider and opened up about the online trolling she faced. 

“Sometimes people use social media to kind of mask themselves or disguise themselves and be able to say whatever they want, whether that’s going to hurt someone,” said Rea. 

She explained constructive criticism was never wrong, but tearing people down was, and hoped the world will hopefully learn to stray away from it. 

As one of the biggest stars on TikTok, Rae has been the subject of mockery from online trolls and handling that has been challenging for her. 

She hopes social media users will eventually recognize the harm they can cause to those subjected to mockery. Unfortunately, words might have fallen on deaf ears given her fans or rather trolls’ recent comments.