Aaron Chalmers and his girlfriend Talia Mia are on a roll!

The couple, who had two kids in the last two years, are relentless in their pursuit to have babies. They are now going to have three in three.

Chalmers and Mia announced they were expecting their third kid in early April 2022. Their announcement also gave away details about the child's due date.

Aaron Chalmers and Girlfriend Talia Mia Announce Third Kid

Chalmers and Tia took to their respective Instagram accounts on April 7, 2022, to announce the imminent arrival of their fourth baby. The Geordie Shore stars used the same caption for both their posts.

"ANOTHER BABY CHALMERS ON THE WAY," they announced right as the caption began.

The couple could not believe they were having another baby. In the accompanying picture, they showed off a gorgeous blanket made by Memories By Me!, a personalized photo blanket-making business.

"We're having another baby," the text imprinted on the blanket announced.

Aaron Chalmers and his girlfriend, Talia Mia, announce the imminent arrival of their fourth kid.

Aaron Chalmers and his girlfriend, Talia Mia, announce the imminent arrival of their fourth kid. (Photo: Talia Mia/Instagram)

The blanket contained the pictures of the entire family — Chalmers, Mia, and their three kids. It also included a picture of the ultrasound of presumably their soon-to-be-born baby.

They knew what they were doing — having back-to-back babies — and acknowledged that in the post. " 3 babies in 3 years, we must be mad!" they joked.

September could not arrive any sooner for Chalmers and his girlfriend, at which point they would have three kids under three years of age.

The picture also showed their entire (extremely photogenic) family now — their two kids were sitting on the floor, and the youngest one was up on a baby desk.

Many people already knew about Mia's pregnancy before the couple announced it in April, though. On March 28, 2022, The Sun reported that an insider source had revealed the couple's pregnancy to them.

The insider source claimed she was 16 weeks pregnant at the time and also that it was a "high-risk" pregnancy for her because of having kids in quick succession.

"Talia is quite anxious about this birth as her previous pregnancies haven't been straight forward," the source further claimed. "She is on medication to try and strengthen the cervix and the pregnancy is classed as high risk. She is having scans done every two weeks."

Despite the risks, the couple was really excited to welcome their fourth child.

Aaron Chalmers and Talia Mia’s Family

Chalmers is already a father of three. He had sons — Romeo and Maddox — after getting together with his girlfriend. He also has a step-daughter, Siennah, who Mia had during her previous relationship.

Siennah was born on October 17, 2013. Romeo, the couple's first kid together, was born on April 10, 2020, and their second son, Maddox, arrived on April 18, 2021.

Maddox had to be delivered early at just 33 weeks through an emergency C-section because, at one point before his birth, his heart stopped. Mia was rushed to the hospital, and Chalmers almost missed his arrival.

The family now lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. Chalmers, who previously struggled with alcohol abuse, has now sobered up and is a hands-on father.

With the arrival of their fourth baby, whose sex they do not know yet, they will become a family of six.