Hip-Hop mogul 50 Cent recently appeared on E! Nightly Pop and shared his thoughts about DaBaby and his recent controversy.

For those unaware, DaBaby’s reputation took a hit when he appeared at Rolling Loud Miami and rattled off some inflammatory comments about the LGBTQ+ community. 


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The Charlotte rap star issued a formal apology to the LGBTQ+ community for “the hurtful and triggering comments" and his “misinformed comments about HIV/AIDS,” which was later deleted from his social accounts.

Despite his attempt at burying the hatchet, DaBaby has been facing the consequences. He has been removed from many music festivals, including Lollapalooza 2021 and Day N Vegas. Besides that, he also lost endorsement deals.

He faced a heavy backlash from top-tier celebrities such as Madonna and Elton John as well. 

However, amidst the backlash, a handful of artists have sided with the DaBaby, and 50 Cent is one of them. 50 Cent is convinced that, despite cancel culture swooping in on the southern rapper, DaBaby’s career is far from over.

50 Cent Sides With DaBaby

In the interview on E! ‘s Nightly Pop, host Nina Parker asked the rapper what advice he had for DaBaby right now.

50 Cent revealed that the ‘Suge’ rapper was new in the industry and only just transitioning to superstardom, so naturally, he was not aware of how artists are held up to mainstream standards. this limited him from saying and doing certain things.  

He didn’t have a publicist involved. This is why the response took so long. Even his apologies…the first apology attempt, made it worse.

He continued to explain that when DaBaby made the general statement on stage, he had no intention of directing it to someone specific.

However, because he was still a new artist, he was attacked by the public and individuals such as Madonna and Questlove. 

He defended the controversial rapper, saying he was really talented, but lacked artist development and had no experience with media training. 

Lastly, the host asked him if he thought DaBaby had a chance of bouncing back. 50 Cent noted that with consistency DaBaby definitely could.

He also gave Chris Brown, someone who was “canceled five or six times,” as an example.

50 Cent on mentoring DaBaby

Before the scandal broke out, 50 Cent had announced he wanted to take the rapper under his wings, in the same way, he wished he had done for Pop Smoke before his untimely demise.


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On July 13, the up-and-coming rapper took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with the rap veteran while reflecting on their meeting.

DaBaby, who has had a controversial ascension to superstardom, admitted he had been isolated from certain circles and opportunities. Apart from his homophobic rants, he was allegedly accused of assault and murder. 

He sought advice from 50 Cent, who has had a fair share of controversies during his time.

50 Cent, who also took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the mentorship, noted he was committed to helping DaBaby avoid the same mistakes he himself had made during his career.