US-based frontman singer and guitarist Jordan McGraw is a familiar face among pop-rock music fans. He makes music with his Hundred Handed's bandmates Drew Langan and Matt Black.

Learn in-depth about McGraw's personal life, family, and net worth!

McGraw's Age, Birthday & Height

Jordan McGraw was born on October 21, 1986. His actual physical measurement [height, weight] is still under the rocks, although judging from his pictures, we can tell that he is tall with a good physique. His father, Dr. Phil, is somewhat taller than him, with a height of 6 feet 3 inches.

He Is Married to Wife Morgan Stewart

The 'We Should Still Be Friends' singer got married to former Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Morgan Stewart on December 9, 2020.

The couple began dating in early 2020 but only confirmed the relationship three months later in March during an Instagram live session together. Following that, they exchanged the rings in July 2020.

On that occasion, the E! News’ Nightly Pop host posted a picture of herself on Instagram while showing off the diamond ring. The post's caption read, "Fireworks." Similarly, MacGraw also shared the news by posting his picture with Stewart on his Instagram, writing, “Plenty to smile about.”

Their relationship took a 'blissful' turn when they announced in August 2020 that they were also expecting a baby girl while preparing for their wedding in December. The pregnancy was revealed by Stewart in her Instagram video, where she also disclosed the sex of their child—a baby girl.

As of January 2021, the pair are looking forward to welcoming their first baby together.

MacGraw's Relationship History

In 2011, a rumor about him dating Playboy playmate and singer Crystal Harris circulated in the media. However, their closeness was only due to their musical background, as both of them were signed by the same label. The rumor ultimately came to an end when Crystal tied the knot with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

Following that rumor, he dated singer, Marissa Jack. However, their relationship came to a halt in early 2018. The reason for the separation remains a mystery.

Jordan sings with his then-girlfriend Marrissa Jack 

Jordan sings with his then-girlfriend Marrissa Jack. (Photo:

Besides that, those who have been following MacGraw on Instagram for a long time must have noticed him with Ragan Wallake. He often posted lovely pictures of them, mentioning her and vice-versa.

Ragan is an American model, actress, photographer, and a fierce advocate for animal rights and adoption.

Jordan and Ragan Wallake in December 2018

Jordan and Ragan Wallake in December 2018. (Photo: Ragan Wallake's Instagram)

Going through their Instagram account, one can say they were very much close to each other. However, they never confirmed if they were in a relationship.

Meet the Star-Studded McGraw Family

Success runs in the McGraw family. The singer is the youngest son to famous psychologist Phil McGraw, also known as Dr. Phil, and television personality and author, Robin McGraw.

The singer's brother is also successful in his forte. He is none other than an American businessman, Jay McGraw, who is married to Playboy model, Erica Dahm.

Jordan McGraw poses with his family 

Family Photo: Jordan McGraw poses with his family. (Photo: Getty Images)

The successful McGraw family are very much supportive of each other. Despite being born in such a reputed family, Jordan hasn't taken his family for granted and has made a name of himself with sheer hard work and passion.

Who Has More Net Worth In McGraw Family?

Jordan's father and brother, Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw, are successful in their field—and with success, they have also amassed huge net worth to their names. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dr. Phil's estimated net worth is around $460 million, while Jay enjoys a $30 million net worth.

Coming to Jordan, he also enjoys relative success like his father and brother, as he dons a net worth of $20 million from his career so far.